How Do Hormone Clinics Keep Your Body’s Delicate Systems in Balance?

How Do Hormone Clinics Keep Your Body’s Delicate Systems in Balance?

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Our bodies are designed to carry out every biologic process successfully. However, some of these processes may be rendered by the hormones in our bodies. When these hormones cannot perform their responsibilities, our bodies start experiencing health issues that might need medical actions.

Our bodies consist of many hormones. Each hormone is entitled to performing a specific role. Sometimes, we forget about taking care of our bodies, which leads to hormones taking changes in their performances. Thanks to hormone clinics, we can be able to balance hormones again.

What is a Hormone?

Hormones are unique chemicals usually produced from the body’s glands. Some of the glands involved include;
• Pituitary.
• Thyroid.
• Adrenal.
• Parathyroid.
• Hypothalamus.

Hormones play crucial roles in our bodies, including;
• Regulating metabolism and appetite.
• Controlling levels of moods and stress.
• Boosting general growth and development.
• Controlling the heart rate.
• Controlling body temperatures.
• Maintaining reproductive cycles.
From the look of things, it is clear that hormones control our entire body system. But what can lead to hormones not functioning well?

Hormone Imbalance

The term is used when the glands in our bodies produce less or more hormones. Hormones work well when there is a balanced production in the body. But, if the hormones are not functioning properly, there must be causes such as;
• Prescription of certain medication.
• Medical conditions such as thyroiditis, hypothyroidism, diabetes, etc.
• High levels of stress.
• Natural body processes such as menopause, pregnancy, etc.
• Traumas.

Signs and Symptoms of Hormonal Imbalance

The following are some signs and symptoms to watch out for
• Rashes on the skin.
• Changes in heart rates.
• Tender breasts in women and breast tissue development in men.
• Extraordinary thirst.
• Irritability and anxiety.
• Pain during sexual intercourse.
• Irregular periods.

We should visit a hormone clinic if we experience the above symptoms. The doctor will exam us and find solutions to our problems.

What Will the Hormone Clinic Do to Balance Hormones?

While in the clinic, the doctor will perform tests to determine the cause of hormonal imbalance. The doctor will do this because imbalances vary, depending on the cause. Once our tests are out and the doctor knows what causes the hormonal imbalance, we will be set for treatment.

There are several treatment options, depending on what the doctor finds out. Some of the applied treatments by hormone clinics are as follows:

Oestrogen Therapy

The doctor will use this treatment method to reduce symptoms of menopause. Any symptom of menopause causing our hormonal imbalance will be reduced to achieve balanced hormones. In this case, the doctor uses a low dose of testosterone to reduce the symptoms effectively.

Testosterone Therapy

The therapy is aimed at reducing symptoms of decreased testosterone in men. The doctor will use testosterone to achieve a hormonal balance.

Hormonal Birth Control

The hormone clinic will apply this treatment therapy to regulate irregular menstruations. Additionally, this treatment method helps to control cycles and symptoms. During this treatment, doctors will give women birth control medications such as pills. Also, doctors can use intrauterine devices to help manage cycles, irregular menstruations, and symptoms.

Supplement Treatments

Doctors may also choose to use this treatment method. Supplements are known to boost health to better levels. The doctor may give patients supplements in the form of patch and gels. Injectable supplements are also available in hormone clinics. Doctors will ensure to perform correct injections to balance hormones.

Ant-androgen Medications

The clinic may choose this option after knowing the cause of hormonal imbalance. In this treatment, the doctor uses medications that will block predominantly sex hormones in men. This treatment is performed to limit severe acne in patients. Also, this medication can help to reduce excessive hair loss and growth.

Vaginal Oestrogen

The doctor may apply this treatment to balance the hormones. The doctor will use an estrogen ring, cream, or tablets to treat women experiencing pain during sex. This medication can also help to treat female patients who experience vaginal dryness.

Thyroid Hormone Treatment

Doctors may use this therapy to treat patients suffering from medical conditions like thyroiditis, hypothyroidism, and hyperthyroidism. This medication is given to these patients to balance their hormones. The doctor uses a synthetic thyroid hormone, which is known as levothyroxine.


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