What is the Principle Behind Vital Force IV Therapy?

What is the Principle Behind Vital Force IV Therapy?

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Doctors apply different means to heal the ill. From the many options available on the hospital’s table, therapies play a significant role in treatments. Doctors use therapy treatments to heal the sick or relieve the pain.

This article is focusing on Intravenous therapy (Iv) done at Vital Force Clinic. IV therapy is the method used by doctors to deliver liquids into a patient’s body. We give the injection through veins.

Our specialized team from the clinic will give IV injections to provide nutrients to individuals who cannot consume water and food. Additionally, the technique can be used by doctors to solve rehydration problems in patients.

About Vital Force Clinic

Vital Force Therapy and Wellness clinic is a medical and chiropractic center specializing in providing whiplash, structural correction, scoliosis treatment, general chiropractic, and other medical conditions. Additionally, the clinic owns an IV area with skilled professionals.

The Hoover based clinic is one of the best centers that offer excellent IV therapy throughout Birmingham in Alabama. We created our clinic with a superb IV set up to provide excellent services.

Concepts Behind Vital Force IV Therapy

Vital Force clinic is committed to providing a life without boundaries to its clients. We offer IV therapies that effectively give your body all the nutrients, vitamins, fluids, antioxidants, and electrolytes. We have five IV therapy packages that our clients can choose from, depending on their needs.

Our formulated IV drops will give you more energy to work and play harder. We have supplements with a 100% absorption rate, which works to restore your vitamin and nutrient balance. The following are our IV therapy packages.

1. The Hydromax Therapy

The package not only helps the body to recover but also to rehydrate at a faster rate. The therapy works by pushing your body to perform at significant levels. Before completing your physical exercise, this therapy will help you hydrate appropriately by providing you with electrolytes, minerals, and all the antioxidants the body needs to recover from the training.

For all your needs, whether long-running distances or an intensive workout, hydromax therapy will give you a great experience during your physical exercises. The treatment works well with vitamin B12 and CoQ10+. It also reduces cold and flu, pain, nausea, and reduces inflammation.

2. The Ultraviv Therapy

The therapy helps your body to recover from common colds and seasonal allergies. Also, the treatment can help you to recover from a hangover. The therapy works by providing vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and electrolytes to boost your wellness.

With this IV therapy, we guarantee you a long-lasting energy boost to help you ran your daily activities. The treatment also works well with Vitamin B12 and CoQ10+.

3. Megaboost Family Therapy

IV therapy aims to maintain a healthy life. The latest IV therapy comes in two packages:
• Megaboost IV Therapy – With this therapy, your immune system will be healthy, and your body will detoxify naturally. The treatment comes with Vitamin B12, antioxidants, minerals, and electrolytes. The mega boost package also has an additional element, which is Vitamin C, to help your body to get back to normal. The IV therapy works well with Vitamin B21 and Glutathione.
• Mini boost IV Therapy – The package comes with both vitamins B and C. Additionally, there are electrolytes in the treatment. The therapy recharges energy levels to give you a great traveling experience. It also provides a healthy life by boosting your immune system.

4. Vitaglow Therapy

Iv therapy works by slowing down the aging process. With this IV therapy, your skin will look fresh and young. The treatment will give you a warm feeling about life by rendering metabolic processes.

Vitaglow IV therapy contains a significant dose of the antioxidant Glutathione and Vitamin C. The treatment will help you to detoxify your body from damages caused by free radicals. Furthermore, IV therapy cleans vital organs to improve skin, hair, and nail appearances.

5. The Royal Flush

Performance. The Royal IV is the ultimate drip for a great experience. The treatment is a combination of elements of Megaboost, Vitaglow, and Ultravive IV therapies. The therapy will maintain your wellness to excellent levels. Our Royal Flush IV therapy works to ensure that your energy remains to the best, inflammation decreases, and your pain and nausea are relieved.

Additionally, the therapy works to rehydrate your body and to clean your organs. The package works well with Glutathione and CoQ10+.


Are you in need of therapy? Your body’s wellness depends on the choices you make. Call our clinic now at 205-352-9141  and get a great experience with our team!

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