Does Ozone Therapy Work for the Immune System?

Does Ozone Therapy Work for the Immune System?

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One of the best ways to aggressively fight any chronic or progressive form of illness is by activating your immune system. When people get sick, their bodies often respond with widespread inflammation. This inflammation causes pain, low-energy, and decreased immune performance. When infections exist, the immune system can also be overwhelmed with the byproducts of harmful bacteria, fungi, viruses, protozoa, and parasites.

During ozone therapy, a special combination of oxygen and ozone are introduced into the body. This infusion targets illness in a variety of ways. It oxygenates the blood for better oxygen delivery, assists and expedites natural toxin removal, and alleviates inflammation and pain. Most important of all, ozone therapy boosts the body’s ability to protect and repair itself. This treatment is popular among people dealing with mold toxicity, systemic infections, arthritis, and many other ailments and conditions. What many consumers don’t know, however, is that ozone therapy is also a very effective form of illness prevention.

If you’re naturally predisposed to getting sick or if you find yourself in a number of high-risk situations or environments, these treatments can prime your immune system so that it is far better able to fight illness off. Whether used as a preventative strategy or as a way to target an existing problem, ozone therapy provides a vast range of additional health benefits. Beyond ramping up natural immunity, these treatments alleviate chronic pain, bolster and improve brain performance, and incite higher levels of energy. Thus, they’re great for anyone who’s looking to fight off fatigue, increase their focus, and improve their overall physical and mental well-being.

How Ozone Therapy Enhances Immune System Performance

Ozone therapy actually has a very vast range of health applications. Commonly used as a standalone treatment for minor health concerns, it can also be integrated with multi-pronged treatment plans for addressing things like chronic inflammatory disease. If you want to increase your body’s ability to fight off any form of illness or want to expedite the healing of an injury, this is one of the best therapies to use. These treatments stimulate white blood cell production and target deficiencies within the immune system right at their source.

One way in which ozone therapy boosts immunity is by killing off harmful organisms that have overwhelmed or attacked the immune system. With fewer harmful microorganisms to fight, the immune system can train its focus on underlying illnesses. These treatments additionally improve the flexibility of red blood cells. As a result, these cells become far less likely to stick together as they move about the body transporting oxygen. This in turn allows for faster oxygen movement, and better overall oxygen delivery both during treatment and long after. Most patients undergo between six and ten sessions when receiving an ozone treatment.

Although many feel more focused and energetic after a single visit, they’ll notice marked, lasting changes between their third and fourth sessions. This is largely due to increased red blood cell flexibility and the resulting improvements in overall oxygenation. When infections exist, it can also be attributed to the dramatic decrease in harmful organisms throughout their bodies. When the immune system is under-performing, attacks on cells and tissues are often left unchecked. Once this system is revitalized, however, the body is infinitely more effective at staving harmful organisms off, eliminating health issues, and repairing tissue damage and other injuries. Ozone is ultimately the ideal “food” for the human immune system.

When healthy and functioning as it should, the immune system is capable of producing ozone and a diverse range of other antioxidants on its own. These are used to eliminate pathogens and solve problems. By introducing ozone into the body, it’s possible to jump-start the immune system and sway it back to proper functioning. In certain instances, a low-performing or improperly functioning immune system won’t just have a hard time keeping the body protected from illness. It can also turn on itself. When the immune system turns on and attacks healthy cells, this is known as an auto-immune reaction.

Some of the auto-immune diseases that can be effectively mitigated and treated with ozone therapy include:

  • Systemic lupus
  • Chron’s disease
  • Collitis
  • Diabetes type 1
  • Multiple sclerosis

Ozone therapy even has the ability to address a variety of lifestyle-related issues that contribute to build-ups of toxins and inflammation, and undermine immune system functioning. For instance, countless people have used ozone therapy as part of their smoking cessation and nicotine detox programs, and to facilitate weight loss. If you’ve been looking for a safe, effective, and all-natural way to boost the performance of your immune system, we’re here to help. Call us now at 205-352-9141.

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