How Often Can I Do Microneedling?

How Often Can I Do Microneedling?

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It is challenging for many people to define their biggest facial skin concerns. It may be that they have multiple concerns over superficial things that affect the appearance of their skin. Or they may be concerned about more profound issues. Microneedling has helped individuals with both superficial and deep skin concerns. It is a versatile aesthetic treatment that can refresh your skin and give you a healthier appearance. Tiny needles are used to puncture the skin, which causes it to go into healing mode quickly. The production of collagen can address things like fine lines, sun damage, and scarring.

How Often Can Microneedling Be Performed?

Microneedling is a minimally invasive skin treatment. It can be performed by professionals several times a year. The more often you have treatments, the better results you are going to get. Most individuals can benefit from having the treatment performed every 6 to 8 weeks. Of course, a professional will need to examine your skin before recommending a course of treatment. With a treatment plan involving microneedling every 6 to 8 weeks, most people can address their skin concerns effectively.

Matters That Will Affect the Frequency of Microneedling Treatments

One factor that needs to be examined when determining how often you can have microneedling done is your skin sensitivity. If you have sensitive skin, a professional will likely recommend that you have the treatment performed less frequently. Another factor that can reduce the frequency of your treatments is your age. The older you get, the more thin and sensitive your skin will become. While you will benefit from microneedling sessions, a professional will likely recommend that you have them done less often if you are over 50. Another factor affecting the frequency of microneedles sessions is the type of needles used.

Those who use 1-mm long needles can have the treatment done more frequently. Some professionals prefer to use 2- or 3-mm long needles, meaning treatment sessions should be less frequent. They will cause more profound injuries in the skin, which can take longer to heal. Talk to your dermatologist or skin care professional about using longer needles and their benefits. With this option, your treatment sessions will not be planned as frequently, but you may get better longer-term results.

How Many Treatment Sessions Do You Need to Get Results?

Most individuals will see results they are satisfied with after 6 to 8 treatment sessions. However, this number will vary from person to person. The dermatologist or skin care professional you work with will first examine your skin. After the examination, they will give you an idea of how many treatments you will need to address your skin concerns. Your initial session will produce noticeable results. However, you are going to see the results get better and better after each treatment session. The subdermal layers of your skin will improve each time your skin heals, thanks to the production of collagen and fibroblasts. You will likely see optimal results six months from the time of your initial microneedles session.

What Can Microneedling Be Used For?

A variety of aesthetic concerns can be addressed with microneedling. Many have referred to it as a jack of all trades since it can correct mild to moderate skin conditions. It is an excellent anti-aging tool because it can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It can also address deep acne scarring, enlarged pores, uneven skin tone and texture, and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. You can talk to your dermatologist about specific skin conditions you are experiencing to see if microneedling would benefit you.

Can Microneedling Be Paired With Other Treatments?

While they may not be planned during the same session with your dermatologist for microneedling, the treatment can be paired with other treatments to give you more youthful, healthy skin. For example, you can use injectable fillers or Botox treatments to fight the aging process from multiple angles. It can also be paired with chemical peels and professional facials to address superficial concerns quickly. Are you ready to have skin that looks more youthful, healthy, and free of blemishes? If so, contact us today at 205-352-9141. We are excited to help you achieve your goals and get you looking and feeling your best.

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