Is IV therapy safe?

Is IV therapy safe?

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In a day and age when people are trying to focus more on their wellness, IV therapy is becoming a lot more popular. Its popularity is coming from the fact people don’t seem to have enough time to adequately take care of their nutritional needs. Recognizing the fact a poor diet and nutrition could have an adverse effect on their overall health, a lot of Americans are seeking assistance from IV therapy clinics like ours. If there is one question on everyone’s mind, it has to be about the safety of IV Therapy. To ask the question straight out, “is IV therapy safe?” We will attempt to answer this question to your satisfaction in the section below.

However, we want to state right up front that the answer is a little bit complicated. Before we answer the question at hand, we thought it would be nice to tell you about some of the reasons so many Americans are swarming to IV therapy clinics to get their nutrition fixes. Here are some of those reasons:

  • As an energy boost for people who feel lethargic throughout the day
  • To improve their sex drive and performance
  • To improve their immune system
  • To replenish fluids and nutrients after an intense physical workout
  • To combat medical conditions like chronic migraines and dehydration
  • To help heal sun poisoning after a long day under the ultraviolet lights of the sun

To be clear, this is just a small sample of the benefits associated with IV therapy. As far as whether or not it is safe, we will cover that in the next section.

Is IV Therapy Safe?

First of all, you want to make sure you receive your IV treatments from a medical professional who has lots of training and experience in administering such treatments. This is one way to ensure you will be safe during the process. To answer the titled question, yes, IV Therapy is a safe way to administer most vitamins and minerals. However, there will always be exceptions. It’s true of any kind of medical or health treatment that is available anywhere in the world. Though rare, there are risks. To begin with, there are some minor risks associated with the actual process of administering the IV therapy. Remember, the therapists in going to insert IV equipment (IV needle) into your body. Anytime a foreign object is put into your body, there will be some risks. In this case, the risks include:

  • A bit of discomfort as the IV needle is inserted
  • Some bruising during and after the process
  • General pain associated with the IV needle being in place
  • Inflammation around the insertion point
  • A possible allergic reaction to one of the ingredients in the IV solution

Keep in mind, some of these risks are more likely than others. Beyond these risks, it is up to your therapist to determine whether or not there are any major risks associated with you getting IV therapy. To clear the way, your therapist will ask you a lot of questions about your medical history. It is of vital importance that you provide them with honest answers. If you were to indicate the presence of cancer or heart disease, don’t be surprised if your therapist decides to proceed with cautions. For most people, there should be no issues with getting up to two IV treatments a week. Results will take time, but in time, you should experience improvements in your overall health. The key to success is your therapist identifying and infusing the right nutrients and vitamins into your body. Prior to the start of your IV therapy sessions, the IV clinic will do a blood workup.

This will help them identify the nutrients and vitamins you lack in your system. After finishing treatment, you can protect yourself from further deficiencies by managing your diet and eating a healthy selection of food. Also, you might want to implement a good exercise program. By now, you should realize that IV therapy is very safe and suitable for most anyone who wants it. If you are ready to give it a try, we would like the opportunity to be your IV clinic of choice. For more information about the process, please give us a call at 205-352-9141. We’ll be happy to explain the entire process and schedule you an appointment for your very first IV treatment.

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