Should I Get a Vitamin C IV Treatment Before I Travel?

Should I Get a Vitamin C IV Treatment Before I Travel?

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It is not uncommon for travelers to feel like they need a vacation after returning home from a trip. A general feeling of fatigue is normal after traveling in an airplane, whether for business or leisure. Even an enjoyable time away can leave you feeling less than energetic when you return home. One reason you may not be at your best while traveling is because your routine has been interrupted, and it takes time for your body to adjust.

Traveling by airplane has been known to cause dehydration, which contributes to fatigue. Many travelers complain of having jet lag and it’s usually because their body’s internal clock, known as the circadian rhythm, is off track. As a result, it can be hard to feel alert during the day and go to sleep at night. If you have ever experienced jet lag, understand that it’s completely normal. It’s worth noting that living a healthy lifestyle can help to mitigate the effects of jet lag, but not eliminate the problem.

You can take steps to feel more like your usual self when you get back home from a trip, and getting a vitamin C IV treatment before you begin your travels is high on the list of effective solutions. It’s an excellent way to get the vitamins and fluids your body requires to feel great. You will set yourself up for a successful business trip or a more enjoyable vacation with loved ones. Though temporary, fatigue caused by traveling can drastically impact your ability to enjoy the fun events and activities that you’ve been planning.

Key Benefits of Getting a Vitamin C IV Treatment Before Traveling

There are key benefits that make getting a vitamin C IV treatment before you travel an excellent idea. A top reason is that it reduces the effects of jet lag so you’re able to enjoy yourself while away from home. Here’s what IV therapy can accomplish and why you’ll notice a significant difference in how you feel:

  • Replenishes the fluids in your body to decrease fatigue
  • Delivers nutrients directly to your bloodstream for quick absorption
  • Enables your body to more fully experience the benefits of vitamin C

A vitamin C IV treatment is more effective than any over-the-counter medication because it doesn’t have to be digested, which takes much longer for you to feel the results. Additionally, the treatment is customized based on your health and unique needs. Since travel often requires you to be more active than you would be otherwise, it’s important to have a strong immune system. Vitamin C IV treatments not only help you feel your best, but they can also boost your immune system and help to ward off infections. It’s a benefit that has become increasingly important.

You might think that drinking water before and after your travels is enough to keep you hydrated, but it isn’t that simple. That’s because airplanes have low humidity levels. As a result, your body has to work harder to perform its normal functions. It’s the reason you feel thirstier than usual after flying for any length of time. However, drinking more water than usual can help you get back to normal. Increasing your water intake and getting vitamin C IV treatments will enable you to feel incredibly refreshed during your travels.

Something else you can do to limit the effects of jet lag is getting a sufficient amount of sleep before you leave. It’s common for travelers to sleep less than they would usually due to the time it takes to coordinate a trip. You likely spend time thinking about everything that must happen from the moment you leave your house until the moment you return. Maintaining your regular sleep schedule should be a priority when traveling. It’s also best to limit the amount of alcohol consumed for several days before traveling. Avoiding it altogether is even better because alcohol can contribute to dehydration.

Some people choose to get vitamin C IV treatments regularly to remain energized throughout the year, even when there is no traveling involved. In addition to receiving vitamin C before you leave for your trip, you can also get treatment when you return, which is especially helpful when you have been away for an extended period.

Whether you are planning a trip or you want to feel more energized, call us today at 205-352-9141 for information about our vitamin C IV treatments. We’re here to answer any questions you have.

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