What Are 5 Criteria To Look For In A Good Bioidentical Hormone Physician?

What Are 5 Criteria To Look For In A Good Bioidentical Hormone Physician?

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In recent years, more people are warming up to the idea of hormone replacement therapy. The growing popularity seems to be fueled with a wide array of factors, including the mass advertisement, positive client testimonials, positive discussions about HRT on social media, and the growing access to the therapy. Both men and women have been benefiting from hormone replacement therapy.

Despite all these positive notes, you may need to know where to look for quality treatment in order to dance to the same tunes. This brings us to the agenda of the day: How do you pick an excellent bioidentical hormone practitioner who will increase your chances of getting optimal and desirable results. We will discuss five criteria that should guide you in choosing the right bioidentical hormone doctor.


Your primary doctor or gynecologist will not be in a position to guide you through hormone replacement therapy and hormone monitoring. It’s important to find a doctor who specializes in hormones and hormone replacement therapy and not just in administering hormonal medication.

Your ideal doctor must be well knowledgeable in dealing with various hormonal health concerns such as:

  • Hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism.
  • Menopause and andropause.
  • Low testosterone levels in males, also known as hypogonadism.
  • Disorders affecting the endocrine system.

You want a long-term relationship with a doctor who spends the bulk of their time focusing on hormone-related issues and concerns similar to yours. Such a physician is more likely to be familiar with your symptoms, understand your body’s reactions to different treatments, and how to treat you adequately.

Extensive educational background and training

Extensive educational background and formal training are critical to the making of a good and skilled bioidentical hormone physician. While there is no specialized training for doctors seeking to administer hormone replacement therapy, the quality and kind of treatment you receive will vary depending on the background of your prospective physician.

For instance, some doctors take it upon themselves to enroll for ongoing education, board certification, or participating in fellowships. Be sure to ask your doctor about their training levels. He or she should present proof through board certification papers and medical licensing. The more the qualifications, the better.

Personalized attention

No two individuals will ever be exactly the same. Your prospective bioidentical hormone physician must offer personalized solutions in regards to your needs. Inquire from your doctor how much time they prefer to spend with a patient each session both during consultations and check-ups. This should help you know if the doctor takes ample time to understand your individual needs, medical background, and concerns. Through prioritizing practitioners who provide plenty of time and personalized attention, you ensure that your concerns will be received and heard.

Provides an integrative style to health

Unlike most sectors in the healthcare industry, hormone health interacts with multiple variables such as nutrition, lifestyle, and fitness. These variables play an instrumental role in yielding positive results after therapy and regulating your body’s hormone levels. The best bioidentical hormone physicians factor all these variables into the approaches. Your prospective doctor should provide extras to achieve your desires instead of prescribing treatment and sending you away.

Ask your doctor if he or she offers additional nutritional and fitness guidelines after hormonal replacement therapy. This kind of approach ensures that you receive the best care.

Offer a wide array of services and resources

This is pretty straight forward as the more services your prospective bioidentical hormone physician offers, the higher your chances of getting treatment successfully. Does the facility your potential doctor operates in, offer a comprehensive spectrum of hormonal replacement therapy options? Do they have well-equipped labs and treatment centers? How is their relationship with high-end compounding pharmacists and pharmacies? Do they guarantee top-notch pharmaceutical grade supplements for your treatment procedures?

All these answers should help you determine if your treatment is fully met under the practitioner. You don’t have to keep changing treatments and doctors because you made the wrong choice and went for a less equipped option. Avoid making mistakes through cross-checking the facility’s reviews. Negative reviews are a clear indication that you will be disappointed.

Each individual facing hormonal imbalances is different from the other. Every bioidentical hormone physician should understand this fact and strive to offer the best. If you’ve been looking for an ideal doctor practicing hormone replacement therapy, your search is over. Call us at (205) 352-9141. We are here to help you.

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