When Will You Start Noticing Changes on Testosterone HRT?

When Will You Start Noticing Changes on Testosterone HRT?

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When an individual begins taking testosterone for hormone replacement therapy (HRT), there are a number of changes they will see. These changes can include deepening of the voice, increased facial hair growth, increased body hair growth, a shift in fat from the thighs and hips to the stomach, increase in muscle mass, enlargement of the clitoris, increase in sex drive, male pattern baldness, and acne. These changes occur at varying points depending on the person. In general, individuals can expect to see some gradual changes within the first six months of beginning testosterone HRT. Some individuals may not see any changes for up to a year after beginning testosterone HRT.

What You Should Know About Taking Testosterone for HRT

Many individuals who begin testosterone therapy expect to see changes quickly. The speed in which changes are seen with testosterone therapy are based on certain factors including your overall state of health, your age, and genetics. These hormonal changes can be viewed as a second puberty and the full effects will most likely not be seen for a couple of years. This means that taking higher doses of testosterone will not cause you to see changes faster, but will most likely cause health problems that may be severe. The dosage of testosterone given by your doctor is unique for you and each individual is given a dosage that is best for their specific health factors and needs. There are four specific areas you will see changes as you take testosterone:

  • Physical Changes
  • Sexual Changes
  • Changes in the Reproductive System
  • Emotional Changes

Physical changes that first emerge when taking testosterone include increased oil production of the skin, larger pores, possible acne, and an increased thickness of the skin. These changes may be managed with good hygiene and skincare products for your specific skin ailments. Another change that will emerge is a change in the odor of your urine and sweat. Further, you may notice that you are producing more sweat in general. Tactile sensations may also begin to change as you continue to take testosterone, meaning that when you touch something it may feel different.

These differences in tactile sensations often include changes in the perception of temperature and pain. You will also begin to notice that your body is redistributing your weight. Fat will begin to decrease in the thighs and hips and move toward the abdomen. Your arms and legs will begin to develop more definition and muscle mass. Breasts may decrease in size, but they typically do not change much during testosterone HRT.

Facial differences will begin to emerge and your appearance will begin to change to a more gaunt appearance due to facial fat shifting and decreasing. Individuals who begin taking testosterone in their teens or early twenties may notice that there are minute changes in their bone structure. Typically it takes around two to three years to see final results regarding changes in facial structure. You will also see an increase in hair growth including on the chest, arms, back, and face.

The texture of your hair may change and will increase in darkness and thickness. Your body and facial hair may begin to grow at a much faster rate than in the past. Hair growth on the head may also begin to change, including balding of the temples. The changes of hair growth on the head may depend on genetics, family history, and age. This may include the development of male pattern baldness and possible complete loss of hair on the head. Emotional changes may begin to develop and might include the following:

  • Narrowing of feelings or emotions
  • Changes in interests
  • Changes in behavior regarding relationships

As you continue taking testosterone, you will begin to see changes in your libido. Further, you will begin to see changes in the appearance of your genitals including growth of the clitoris. You will also begin to notice that your menstrual cycle will change and will become shorter in duration, begin later, and decrease in heaviness.

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