Who needs IV Hydration?

Who needs IV Hydration?

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Hydration is often touted as being one of the best ways to start improving your health, yet the average person often underestimates just how much water it takes to keep their body’s systems working at optimum levels. Even if you drink the recommended amount of water each day, you may still find yourself becoming dehydrated due to a variety of different factors in your environment as well as your current health conditions. Asking who needs IV hydration demonstrates your desire to focus on improving your health and vitality, and the answer to this question might be surprising. While some people need IV hydration more than others, this therapy can be beneficial for just about everyone.

Today, you’ll frequently see celebrities talk about IV hydration, but you might not realize that many others utilize this service every day to achieve the following effects.
•rehydrate after an athletic performance
•improve hangover symptoms
•enhance your recovery after an illness or surgery
•recover from jet lag
•combat chronic fatigue and migraines

Athletes tend to benefit the most from IV hydration since they utilize profound amounts of water as they engage in their recreational activities. People who work out or play sports in hot weather conditions are the most likely to get dehydrated, but you can also lose vast amounts of water from your body if you engage in activities that require endurance such as long distance running.

People who are recovering from an illness or recent surgery may also need increased hydration. This is especially true if your health condition made it difficult to get enough fluids in your body. For example, you might need IV hydration to recover from a gastrointestinal illness or surgery that required you to fast before the procedure. In these types of situations, you could benefit from adding vitamins to the IV drip to help replenish your body’s nutrient stores.

There are also those people who may not need IV hydration on a regular basis, but the service can offer profound benefits on a one-time basis. Today, many bridal and groom parties are opting to arrange for group IV therapy after their night of reveling. Drinking large amounts of alcohol in a short period of time robs your body of water, and hangover symptoms are primarily caused by dehydration. Planning to hydrate before the wedding after a long night celebrating the event helps everyone to quell their nausea and restore their energy. Hydration also has the benefit of improving your outward appearance so that no one has to suffer from excessive fine lines or facial redness when they are expected to appear youthful and cheerful for those wedding photos.

Getting more water and nutrients into your bloodstream can also help you to recover faster from jet lag while you are traveling. Airplane air has a drying effect upon your skin, and increasing hydration can help to bring back your sense of energy. The same effects are also beneficial for anyone who suffers from a chronic health condition that causes fatigue, migraines and body pains. Since your muscles and joints contain a large amount of fluid, ending a state of dehydration can help you to reduce your symptoms so that you feel better going about your daily routine.

Start Feeling the Benefits of IV Hydration In Your Life

IV hydration isn’t just for celebrities. It is also a cost-effective way to get on the fast track to feeling better when you suffer from a wide range of conditions. The typical hydration session only lasts around 45 minutes, which means that you can likely squeeze a session in before you head off to work or even plan one for your lunch break. Since the fluids are put directly into your bloodstream, you’ll begin to feel the positive effects faster than you would if you simply tried to drink more water throughout the day.

This form of hydration comes with the added benefit of being able to customize the IV solution to fit your needs. With a comprehensive panel, your team can provide you with a personalized solution that contains any vitamins or minerals that you are deficient in. This is ideal for anyone who struggles with known nutritional deficiencies or who struggles with proper digestion. Your solution can also be customized to fit your needs as they change over time so that you have a simple way to counteract the effects of aging or a suddenly strenuous workout schedule.

Are you ready to finally feel like yourself again? We’re here to help you rehydrate quickly and safely. Give us a call today at 205-352-9141.

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