Where Can I Get Chelation Therapy?

Where Can I Get Chelation Therapy?

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Overexposure to heavy metals can lead to poisonous build-up in your tissues. Should you suffer any form of metal poisoning, chelation therapy can help you shed these toxins. Chelation therapy can be provided via a pill or as an IV therapy. Depending on the level of metals in your body and your current state of health, you may need to be monitored after your dosage.

It should be noted that chelation therapy is not without risk. This process will remove metals that you need, such as iron, zinc and copper. If you and your doctor agree that chelation therapy is a good choice to improve your overall health but you are not technically suffering from heavy metal poisoning, you may need to seek chelation therapy from a wellness provider instead of in your family doctor’s office.

Other Ways to Reduce Heavy Metal Exposure

To avoid needing chelation therapy, it is critical that you monitor your intake. You can reduce your exposure to iron and lead by filtering your drinking water. This can be as complicated as an osmotic filter on your main water supply or as simple as a countertop filter through which you run all the water for drinking and cooking.

If you don’t have the resources for either of these tools, you can reduce your risk of lead exposure by letting the water run for a short time each time you turn on the tap. Collect the initial flow for cleaning.

You can lower your exposure to mercury by carefully monitoring your fish intake. Try to eat low on the food chain. Fish that eat other fish will have higher levels of mercury than fish that survive on plants. Bottom feeding shellfish should be avoided by pregnant women as mercury will cross the placenta. If you do enjoy fish that have a high mercury risk, do your best to load up on fiber during the same meal to help your body shed toxins efficiently.

You can avoid cadmium by quitting smoking and avoiding places where others smoke. You can reduce your exposure to chromium by upping your intake of organic produce whenever possible. Aluminum enters the body through antacids and many cosmetic products. If you can make dietary choices that will heal your gut, you can lower your exposure to this highly toxic metal. Cut back on your intake of caffeinated and sugary beverages. For a time, avoid spicy foods and boost your intake of non-citrus fruits, as well as increasing your intake of vegetables.

Installing an air purifier in your home can also lower your exposure to heavy metals. These are not a small investment; you may want to start instead with a portable, rechargeable unit that you can place near your bed to clean the air you breathe while sleeping. To avoid your exposure to car exhaust and other airborne toxins, do your best to get out early in the day before the haze builds up.

Careful monitoring of your diet is critical to keeping your exposure to heavy metals as low as possible. Start with cruciferous vegetables. If you’re going to have a salad, add cabbage. If you want to plan a meal that includes a green vegetable, choose broccoli or brussel sprouts. Your liver is working hard to cleanse your blood. These foods support the production of enzymes that will help you flush out toxins such as heavy metals.

Do your best to increase your intake of probiotics and fiber. If your diet has previously been low in fiber, take it slow. Start by adding a piece of fresh fruit or a raw veggie salad to each meal. Switch to fruit as a snack instead of chips, candy or granola. Treat yourself to an 8 ounce water bottle and try to drain it at least three times a day, as well as drinking water with each meal. Make it your goal to increase your water intake on a weekly basis.

Heavy metal toxins will settle into your tissues and do you slow damage over time. To protect your heart, brain and digestive system it is critical that you boost your intake of cleansing foods. As possible, swap over to organic produce and meats. Filter your water. Call us today at 205-352-9141.

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