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Vital Force Health and Wellness
(formerly Revive)

bringing cutting-edge therapies to the masses
As the area’s premier intravenous wellness bar, we offer customized IV vitamin cocktails, boosters & shots that maximize health, prevent illness and reverse disease, all from our relaxing, medically-supervised clinic in the heart of Birmingham, Alabama. We also offer tailor made IV bags formulated from our extensive lab work we do in house. IV Nutrition has long been embraced by celebrities and pro athletes for its ability to instantly reverse common ailments, boost energy and improve performance. Revive Health and Wellness believes that it doesn’t have to be a luxury.

Meet The Team

Nationwide Leaders in Regenerative Medicine

Dr. Ryan N. Russell, D.C

Founder, CEO

My name is Dr. Ryan N. Russell. As you’ll read, the story of how I came to be a Doctor of Chiropractic was no mistake. My journey from discomfort, pain and fear to wellness, relief and happiness is a very personal story.

For a long time I’ve known that I wanted to be in the world of health and wellness. I have always enjoyed helping others and learned how fulfilling that can be through observing my father as he restored people’s health in his medical practice. I envisioned bringing something to the community that no one else had or was able to offer when it came their overall health and well being. For the last three years I have been patiently building my brand and the vision I have had in my mind for many years!

With the help of my father, Dr. Gary Russell M.D. and the combined efforts of Domenic Iacovone that dream is starting to flourish into something that is going to influence and change the world of healthcare as we know it! I am proud to say that after many years of sacrifice that my dream has become a reality. We have built an integrative company that is brining the most cutting edge health care protocols and we are able to truly give the community the care and treatment that it needs to optimize their health!

Gary N. Russell, M.D.

Medical Director

A4M Bioidentical Hormone Seminar

General Surgery & Orthopedic Surgery – University Hospital of Alabama, Birmingham
Bachelor of Science, Biology (Honors) – University of Alabama
Exercise Physiology – Louisiana State University
Bachelor of Science, Physical Education (Honors) – Jacksonville State University
American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
Walker County Medical Society
Medical Association of the State of Alabama
Alabama Orthopedic Society
Research papers:

The Effects of Muscular Strength and Endurance of Predicted V02 Maximum tested on a cycle ergometer.
Precision and Accuracy of the Critikon Sphygmanomameter.
Morphological Classification and Culturing of Scyllarides. (Slipper Lobster) hemocytes.
Neuropathological findings of AIDS Encephalopthy in children.
Diagnosis and Management of Postpartum Hemorrhage.

The Effect of Total Knee Arthroplasty on Erythrocyte Sedimentation rate and C-reactive protein in Osteoarthritis study in progress with Stuart X. Stephenson, M.D., Assistant Professor; UAB Hospital, Division of Orthopedic Surgery.
CPR Certified
Medical Management of Chemical and Biological Casualties Course
Advanced Trauma Life Support Student Course
Other Teaching and Interests:

Pegasus Corporation: Course Instructor on technical pearls in Trapezial Interpositional Arthroplasty, California
PRP Therapies for shoulder knee and elbow.
TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy) in fracture healing.
Nutritional Therapies for surgical healing


Office Manager


Patient Coordinator


Head Nurse


office assistant

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