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Mold Toxicity

Mold toxicity is a severe illness that is often misunderstood and misdiagnosed by conventional medical doctors. It is common for a mold patient to visit multiple doctors and pay thousands of dollars in lab-work, only to be told they are not sick. Even worse, many of these patients are told their illness is psychological and are prescribed mind altering medications like antidepressants to manage their complaints. Clearly these people are suffering from very real dysfunctions in the body – many are diagnosed with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple chemical sensitivities, rapid unexplained weight gain/loss, just to name a few. Additionally, they tend to experience a series of unrelated symptoms that mysteriously appear, usually after a major life event. These can include moving into a new home/office, physical or emotional trauma, or serious illness.

This begs the question: why is mold misdiagnosed? The answer is twofold. Conventional medicine largely does not recognize mold toxicity as a plausible originator in the development of disease. Mold produces mycotoxins, and these toxic byproducts cause massive damage to the body. Until recently, testing levels of mycotoxins in the body has been difficult and expensive, limiting its access to the public by practicing physicians. Thankfully mold and mycotoxin illness is becoming recognized and treated by medical professionals thanks to the effort of doctors like Richie Shoemaker, who developed the some of the first effective protocols to detox mycotoxins out of the body and restore patients’ health.

What makes mold toxicity so debilitating are these mycotoxins. They are highly immunosuppressive and wreak havoc on the immune system; in fact, anti-organ rejection medications such as mycophenolate are mold metabolites! Mycotoxins must be processed by the liver and bound in the bile, where they are then safely excreted in the stool. The body re-absorbs a portion of the excreted bile through a process called enterohepatic circulation. This is a normal process that recycles bile for digestion, reducing the burden on the liver to produce more. However, mycotoxins are notorious for remaining in the bile. They get reabsorbed and recirculated through the body, damaging everything they come in contact with. They are then reprocessed by the liver, repeating the vicious cycle again and again.

At Revive, we utilize cutting edge lab tests that accurately identify and measure mycotoxin illnesses. This data combined with our medical expertise allows us to create targeted protocols that produce powerful results for our clients. Let’s explore some key elements of a successful mold protocol.

• Binders
• Glutathione
• Ozone Therapy ( 1x weekly, 8 weeks minimum) • Antifungal medications (2 weeks)
• MegaMycoBalance

Detoxification is foundational to healing from mold related illnesses. Binders are oral supplements that catch and hold mycotoxins – plus other harmful substances – and prevent them from being reabsorbed in the intestinal tract. Over time this lowers the total mycotoxin load and resulting chronic inflammation. We use MegaIgG2000 for its powerful binding properties mimicking the body’s own immunoglobulin binders. Another powerful binder is UltraBinder. This multipurpose binder is designed specifically to catch the most elusive of mold toxins, while delivering soothing aloe to calm the intestinal tract.

Glutathione is called the body’s master antioxidant, and for good reason. The body uses this essential compound to detoxify and repair damaged cells. Any time you get sick, the body deploys glutathione to combat inflammation and neutralize harmful substances. Because mold creates severe inflammation throughout the body, we need a lot of glutathione. We prescribe

injectable glutathione for our clients, delivered right to their doorstep. We also offer it as an injection in our IV clinic.

One of our personal favorites is Ozone therapy, also known as autohemotherapy. We have outstanding success with this therapy at our IV clinic. Combining ozone gas with the client’s own blood saturates the body with oxygen and produces numerous regenerative effects within the body. Detoxification and energy production become enhanced, and the body is able to heal more rapidly. It’s a real game changer in fighting mold illnesses.

Those with mold toxicity often have bacterial and fungal overgrowth in the intestines. These infections impede the body’s ability to detoxify and need to be dealt with. Sometimes prescription medications are needed to kill off these pathogen, and we can prescribe the necessary pharmaceuticals to help the body regain control. We also use MegaMycoBalance for its amazing ability to uproot any fungal colonies attached to the gut lining.

We have success every day in helping people heal from the devastating effects of mold toxicity. If you believe you are suffering from a mold related illness, please contact us today.

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