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Leaky Gut is a commonly used term referring to intestinal hyper-permeability. As the name suggests, leaky gut is a dysfunctional condition marked by gaps in the tight junctures in the intestinal lining. A healthy gut contains trillions of beneficial microbes – collectively called the microbiome – that play a critical role in protecting the integrity of the mucosal barrier lining the gut wall. These microbes produce byproducts that reduce intestinal inflammation and repair tight junctions holding the intestinal cells together. The microbiome is delicate ecosystem; disrupting this balance allows for overgrowth of harmful pathogens (bacteria, fungus, parasites) and toxins that destroy the mucosal barrier.

If the barrier is breached, toxins can migrate to the intestinal cells, damaging them and creating inflammation. This damage creates the gaps that let toxins and other particles leak into the bloodstream that should NEVER enter. The body’s immune system identifies these leaked particles as invaders and mounts an immune response to neutralize the threat.

Leaky gut is considered a causal factor in the development of autoimmune diseases. Certain leaked particles such as proteins can appear similar to the body’s own tissues; because the immune system retains a memory of previously encountered invaders, it can mistakenly attack tissues that most resembles these leaked particles. This can result in an autoimmune response, where the immune system becomes confused and attacks its own tissue.

You’re beginning to see that leaky gut isn’t merely a trending term within health conscious communities; it’s the starting point of many serious and debilitating health complications. So how can you fix the problem?

The first step to solving any problem is to assess the situation. At Revive, we run a variety of labs to assess the digestive tract’s state of function and identify any contributing factors such as pathogens, hidden infections, and digestive insufficiencies. From there, we formulate specific protocols that address our clients’ individual challenges.

Restoring the microbiome is key to reversing a leaky gut. At the foundation of all our leaky gut protocols is MegaSporeBiotic. This probiotic is unlike any other because it utilizes bacillus spores that not only survive the harsh digestive environment, but RECONDITION the gut by increasing microbial diversity, crowding out unwanted pathogens, and increasing the production of short-chain fatty acids!

In addition to MegaSporeBiotic, we use MegaIgG2000 and MegaMycoBalance. MegaIgG2000 aids the mucosal barrier in neutralizing toxins before they can reach and damage the intestinal cells. This amazing product saves the intestines from further damage and allows the gut lining to heal. MegaMycoBalance promotes a healthy yeast balance by targeting hyphae – tiny root- like structures that embed into the intestinal wall, making yeast difficult to eradicate.

Proper digestion also plays an important role in healing leaky gut. Undigested food will putrefy in the intestines, feeding bad microbes and releasing inflammatory poisons. We use Digest Aid, Revive’s own proprietary blend of enzymes that assists the body in breaking down proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. These enzymes help prevent purification by breaking down food, helping the body better absorb nutrients.

Pharmaceuticals can be a necessary intervention to reduce the number of bad microbes infesting our intestinal tract. For those needing prescription medications such as antibiotics or antifungals as a part of our protocols, our medical director and network of custom compound pharmacies are able to meet those needs.

If you are experiencing any digestive issues or suffer from an autoimmune disease, you may be experiencing the effects of a leaky gut. Give us a call at (205) 352-9141 for more information on our protocols and therapies. You can purchase all these amazing products exclusively at our Birmingham headquarters: 1580 Montgomery Highway, Suite 14-B, Hoover, AL 35216.

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