Can NAD Infusions Be Used For Addiction and Alcoholism?

Can NAD Infusions Be Used For Addiction and Alcoholism?

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If you are battling an addiction, and you enjoy following wellness trends, you may be wondering “Can NAD infusions be used for addiction and alcoholism?” IV infusion therapy is a popular trend that has led to an increase in boutique medical practices. Infusion clinics, also known as drip bars, administer IV drips that contain a variety of vitamins, trace minerals, amino acids, and other nutrients. Among these nutrients is NAD+, a promising coenzyme that is believed to have anti-aging benefits and other healing and restorative properties that can benefit virtually anyone who wants to feel better. More recently, studies have uncovered new evidence that suggests NAD+ may be of benefit to people who are addicted to alcohol or drugs.

NAD+ May Minimize Withdrawal Symptoms

For addicts who try to quit “cold turkey,” withdrawal symptoms can thwart their efforts to remain clean and sober. Moreover, quitting without medical support can cause health complications. It is always best to consult a recovery counselor prior to detoxing from drugs or alcohol. If you have been approved to complete your detox without the support of a medical detox center, NAD+ infusions can support the process. Researchers believe NAD+ reduces cravings for drugs and alcohol by binding with the brain’s opioid receptors. In some cases, people who use the infusions do not experience cravings at all. More studies are needed to reach more definitive conclusions, but early evidence suggests NAD+ may be a drug-free, non-addictive supplement that may help people who struggle with addiction.

Full-Body Detox With NAD+

In addition to smoothing the transition from drug and alcohol abuse to recovery, NAD+ has other detoxifying qualities. Substance abuse produces free radicals that can damage the body’s cells. NAD+ supplementation flushes free radicals from alcohol, drugs, pollution, and other environmental factors out of the body. Once the free radicals are out, your body can begin repairing its cells and promote a full recovery. IV administration is the most direct means of receiving NAD+. When the supplement enters the bloodstream directly, more of the molecules are available for the body to absorb and put to use. Compared to taking tablets or capsules, IV administration is also a much faster delivery mechanism.

Improve Mental Clarity and Cognitive Function

When you have newly detoxed off of drugs and alcohol, you may still experience symptoms like mental fog and fatigue. NAD+ supplements can improve your mental clarity and increase your energy levels. In addition to eliminating free radicals, NAD+ regenerates your body’s cells including brain cells. After receiving infusion therapy, people often report an increase in mental sharpness and improved focus.

IV Infusions Are Surprisingly Convenient

The proliferation of infusion clinics has made it surprisingly easy to access infusion therapy. Drip bars are often located in shopping centers in major metropolitan areas. If you prefer to privately discuss your addiction concerns and receive your infusions discretely, mobile IV clinics travel to the client’s home, workplace, or other private locations to administer infusion therapy.

How Long Does IV Therapy Take?

If you are planning for an infusion therapy visit, most IVs take up to one hour to administer. However, NAD+ infusions take longer than most other therapies. A neuroregentive NAD+ infusion may require up to four hours for administration. Infusion clinics create a comfortable space for their clients by implementing luxurious furnishings, charging outlets, televisions, wifi, and other amenities to help you relax or remain productive during your visit.

Getting the proper treatment is most important if you have an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Before deciding to try NAD+ infusions, consult your doctor, and speak with an addiction recovery counselor. While NAD+ supplements may reduce your desire to engage in substance abuse, you will also likely require a structured treatment program to help you begin your life in recovery.

No supplement can replace proven addiction treatment modalities like 12 Step programs, support groups, and cognitive therapy. With the approval of your addiction counselor, NAD+ infusions may complement your supervised treatment program. Contact us to learn more about whether IV therapy is right for you. Call us at 205-352-9141.

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