Can Ozone Therapy Be Used for Cancer?

Can Ozone Therapy Be Used for Cancer?

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Finding your center of balance after a cancer diagnosis can be extremely challenging. You may have not felt all that poorly before you diagnosis, but undergoing cancer treatment can leave you feeling exhausted and anemic. Making sure you have enough energy to function effectively through this treatment can be made easier with ozone therapy. As possible, seek out ozone therapy professionals who can administer your dosage without having to

  • break the skin
  • draw your blood
  • treat your blood
  • reinsert the oxygenated liquid

In addition to hammering your immune system, chemotherapy and other cancer-fighting drugs can thin your blood and lead to excessive bleeding. Getting your ozone delivered through a non-invasive treatment, such as the ears, can reduce the risk of a bleed or an infection at the injection site. Chemo and the accompanying stress of dealing with cancer treatments can also increase your risk of a skin reaction to an IV injection.

Depending on your level of sensitivity, you can also react to the tape that is used to hold the IV in place. As you recover, this sensitivity will likely fade, but it can be pretty uncomfortable until your immune system recovers. To avoid any complications, find a practitioner who can help you by dosing from a region where your skin won’t need to be broken. In addition to increasing your overall oxygen function, there are currently studies underway that consider what direct ozone exposure does to tumor tissue.

Results indicate that this ozone exposure seems to slow the splitting of cancer cells over time. Additional data on tumors in the respiratory tract indicate that increased oxygenation of the blood with O3 or ozone can reduce tumor growth rates. This can be enhanced with increased O2 in the breathable air, such as via a canula or mask, to reduce the growth of some tumors in this region. It is critically important that you never breathe ozone, or O3. The respiratory tract needs oxygen, or O2. If you choose the ear treatment, make sure that there is fresh air for you to breathe that doesn’t include ozone.

Fighting the Damage of Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is often an effective method of targeting cancer cells. However, chemo can also be incredibly hard on healthy tissues over time. To protect your existing healthy cells and increase your red blood cell count, ozone therapy may be a great option. One of the big risks when you’re fighting cancer is breakthrough infection. A healthy supply of blood proteins, boosted by ozone therapy, can increase the effective delivery of necessary medications and increase your ability to nourish your healthy cells with the food you can keep down. Topical ozone application to amputation sites indicates that the tissues in this region can effectively develop new white blood cells. Because white blood cell production can be suppressed by chemotherapy, topical application to scars left by cancer surgeries may be an excellent addition to your healing process.

Once you have found a practitioner who can dose you effectively with ozone, discuss having ozone applied directly to surgical sites to fire up your white blood cell production at the site of the wound to reduce the risk of infection both at the cut and throughout your body. Of course, understanding the origins of your specific tumor or cancer growths are also critical. You may choose to undergo genetic testing when you get your diagnosis. No matter the make-up of the tumors removed or treated, boosting your red and white blood cell counts can keep you safer and improve your health more quickly than chemo alone. In addition to boosting your white blood cell count to fight infections, ozone therapy will give you more energy overall.

One of the greatest frustrations when you’re getting treated for a major illness is feeling as though all your effort goes into treatment and thinking of yourself as a sick person. With a higher red blood cell count, you may find that you have the energy to do some gentle exercise, meet a friend for coffee or play with your children. Your life can be about more than cancer. Wellness takes work. After a cancer diagnosis, keeping your focus on wellness can be challenging. No matter the form of cancer you’re fighting, ozone therapy can go a long way to giving you back some energy and helping you fight breakthrough infection. Call us at 205-352-9141.

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