How Much Does IV Ozone Therapy Cost?

How Much Does IV Ozone Therapy Cost?

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Whether you’ve been living with a chronic condition and want a natural and effective way to improve your health, or you’ve got persistent pain that’s been unresponsive to conventional treatment, IV ozone therapy could be right for you. This cutting-edge technique fuses oxygen (O2) and ozone (O3), and then delivers this revitalizing mix to the areas, structures, and systems that need it most.

For arthritis sufferers, ozone therapy is an effective way to aggressively fight chronic inflammation, joint stiffness, joint soreness, and losses in mobility. In fact, in some instances, this treatment has even been able to reverse moderate forms of arthritis-related tissue damage. IV Ozone therapy is also an excellent choice for anyone who’s dealing with mold toxicity, and for those living with progressive illnesses that undermine the efficacy of the immune system. Ozone therapy can shorten recovery times by expediting natural healing, promoting higher levels of energy, assisting the body in natural toxin removal, and serving as a very worthwhile alternative to far more invasive forms of treatment.

The costs of IV ozone therapy can vary greatly from one clinic to the next. In general, they’re largely determined by factors such as:

  • The nature of the condition or issue being addressed
  • How severe a patient’s condition is
  • The region in which the clinic is located

When ozone therapy is an intravenous process, costs can range from just $100 to over $1,000. It is additionally important to note that in the United States, IV ozone therapy is not a covered treatment. Given that it’s still fairly new, patients are typically required to pay for these services out-of-pocket. While cost is certainly an important consideration when assessing the value and benefits of ozone therapy, it’s imperative to additionally account for the tremendous savings that these treatments are capable of producing.

When ozone therapy can minimize or eliminate symptoms or even entire conditions, patients can avoid the costs of secondary treatments, medical supplies, and services. In instances in which ozone therapy is successfully used as an alternative to surgery, patients can avoid missed hours at work, lengthy recoveries, and more.

Why Ozone Therapy is Worth The Price

Ozone therapy is not a one-size-fits-all treatment. These services can actually be rendered in many ways depending upon the needs of the individual. One popular option for those dealing with systemic infections, persistent, localized infections, and mold toxicity is autohemotherapy. With this manner of treatment, ozone is delivered directly to the blood via IV infusion. These procedures can also be performed under the skin (subcutaneously), or into the muscle (intramuscularly). In certain cases,they can be administered in the bladder, vagina, rectum, or ears as needed.

There are even locations that provide entirely non-invasive ozone sauna or steam treatments. Research has shown that ozone therapy harmonizes the immune system and reverses the damages caused by deficits throughout the body. In short, it makes your body far more effective in healing itself. To this particular end, IV ozone therapy tends to have the highest level of efficacy. One factor that affects the total costs of an IV ozone therapy treatment is the number of sessions required. Although even a single session can be beneficial, nearly all health concerns require multiple treatments.

For most people, this therapy is performed over six to 10 sessions. Throughout this process, many patients will achieve noticeable improvements in their conditions after approximately three to four sessions, with additional benefits being recognized as treatment is continued. This is often the case for those dealing with chronic fatigue, allergies, joint pain, muscle pain, and chronic infection. During their initial consultation appointments, patients learn how many sessions are required, and which method of administration will best meet their needs. Modifications or improvements to the human immune system that are achieved through ozone therapy also make the body better able to cope with and address widespread inflammation.

Many of the problems that ozone therapy is intended to address cause inflammation. From infections and asthma to systemic toxicity and arthritis, countless issues can leave the body with inflammatory markers all throughout the blood. This is what causes the oxidative stress that invariably leads to pain. As such, with an appropriate IV treatment, it’s possible for patients to minimize or even eliminate their reliance on prescription pain medications, over-the-counter pain pills, and any other pain relieving agents or products that they’ve been spending money on. Moreover, with less pain, people are able to enjoy more robust lives overall. They can focus better at work, and they aren’t dealing with the anxiety and depression that often accompany chronic pain. If you’ve been living with a persistent health issue and want to enjoy the many benefits that IV ozone therapy provides, we can help. Call us today at 205-352-9141.

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