What are the benefits of ozone therapy?

What are the benefits of ozone therapy?

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Ozone therapy is a form of alternative medicine that induces the healing process through oxygen administration, usually as an oxidant. Here is some information about what ozone therapy is and how it can help you.

What Is Ozone Therapy?

Ozone therapy refers to exposing a patient to ozone gas to heal their injuries or conditions. In other words, ozone therapy is a form of alternative medicine that induces the healing process through oxygen administration, usually as an oxidant. Ozone therapy is associated with the concepts of energetic medicine and natural healing. George Vithoulkas first developed ozone therapy in 1964. The method started to treat burns but eventually evolved into treating illness in general.

Process of Ozone Therapy

The process of ozone therapy is quite simple. First, the patient is given a dose of oxygen and ozone. Then, the patient is immersed in a chamber full of ozone for a time that varies from one hour to several days. The amount of time required to achieve complete healing depends on the severity of each individual’s condition. Since ozone therapy utilizes oxygen, the patient is generally not given any anesthesia or pain medication during and after treatment. The whole process of ozone therapy takes approximately 45 minutes to an hour to complete. The effects of ozone therapy are rather temporary and are dependent on the patient’s tolerance to the treatment. As with most alternative medicine, the procedure required for ozone therapy is not FDA approved, so it is strictly medical. However, it has been used successfully as a part of other forms of alternative medicine such as hydrotherapy and massage therapy. Ozone therapies are not a very popular form of alternative medicine in the United States. The procedure can be quite expensive and is not widely used today for specific health conditions.

What are the Benefits of Ozone Therapy?

In addition to achieving temporary healing from some major health conditions, ozone therapy may also be beneficial to you in several other ways:

  • Increasing Your Immunity by Boosting Oxygen Levels: Ozone therapy boosts your immunity by increasing oxygen levels inside your body. This treatment is especially effective for those who suffer from fatigue and chronic pain.
  • Increases Blood Circulation: When administered properly, ozone therapy increases blood circulation throughout the body and purifies your blood. This improves your heart, lungs, liver, and kidneys by cleansing all of these organs of any harmful toxins you may have accumulated over time.
  • Strengthening Your Immune System: Ozone therapy strengthens your immune system by boosting your body’s defenses against illness. It also replenishes the free radicals in your body responsible for protecting you from harmful illness.
  • Nourishing Your Cells: Ozone therapy is excellent for nourishing your cells and promoting growth. It increases the production of white blood cells and helps to prevent sickness and disease from occurring.
  • Preventing Skin Damage: Ozone therapy can limit or stop scarring or inflammation in a very small percentage of patients. This can reduce the need for plastic surgery, minimizing any risk involved with the procedure.
  • Improving Metabolism: Ozone therapy can help boost your metabolism and improve your health by reducing swelling and pain throughout your body.
  • Strengthening Your Bones: Ozone therapy is ideal for strengthening your bones as well as protecting them from future damage. It can also stop brittle bones from breaking, often allowing them to live a normal life with no issues or restrictions.
  • Increasing Your Cell Renewal Rate: This process is extremely important for those who suffer from frequent fatigue or muscle pain. It helps wake up your “batteries” to make your body function more efficiently.
  • Decreasing Your Body Cholesterol: This type of therapy is especially effective for those who suffer from cholesterol-related problems, such as high cholesterol. It can decrease the amount of bad cholesterol in your blood and lower your risk for cardiovascular disease.
  • Decreasing Your Risk for Stroke: Ozone therapy can decrease your risk for stroke by improving blood circulation and oxygen flow in your body. It is also an excellent way to prevent strokes from occurring.
  • Improving Peripheral Vascular Disease: Narrowing the arteries (called peripheral vascular disease) can be somewhat prevented through ozone therapy. This means that many people with this condition have a higher degree of protection against most kinds of stroke or heart attack as long as they utilize regularly scheduled ozone treatments.

In conclusion, ozone therapy is an interesting form of alternative medicine used for decades to treat both minor and major health conditions. This treatment can be very effective in boosting your immunity and purifying your body of any toxins. In addition, it may also help with your metabolism and strengthen your bones. Ozone therapy can be a successful part of an overall healthy lifestyle, but you must use it as part of a sound holistic plan for overall health. If you need any assistance, feel free to reach out. We can help, call now 205-352-9141.

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