What is a vitamin d shot?

What is a vitamin d shot?

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Vitamin D is a crucial mineral that your body cannot produce independently. It would help if you had vitamin D to regulate calcium and phosphorus production in the body. Without vitamin D, you would not have strong bones. Most vitamin D in the body comes from exposure to the sun. You don’t need to be in the sun for an extended time for vitamin D to build up your fat reserves. Many people are vitamin D deficient. This is because it is popular to avoid sunlight, even for those who live in warm climates. People stay out of the sun because they are worried about premature aging and skin cancer. For vitamin D deficient individuals, vitamin D injections can give them the boost they need to enjoy life and feel better.

Who Is at the Biggest Risk for Vitamin D Deficiencies?

If you live in Canada and the northern part of the United States, you have a high risk for vitamin D deficiencies. By eating a healthy diet containing vitamin D fortified foods and dairy products, you can minimize deficiencies. Some take vitamin D supplements. As you age, it gets harder for your body to absorb vitamin D. In addition to absorbing vitamin D, your body needs to be able to convert it in your kidneys and liver for it to be helpful. Many people do not have enough receptors on their skin to properly convert UVB rays of sunlight to create vitamin D. Additionally, people with darker skin have an increased resistance to sunlight. Therefore, they require more sun exposure to obtain the same vitamin D levels as those with lighter skin.

What Are Vitamin D Injections?

You can find vitamin D2 and vitamin D3 injection subtypes. Vitamin D3 is a form of the vitamin your body produces called cholecalciferol. Vitamin D2, also called ergocalciferol, is created when yeast bacteria are exposed to UV radiation. Vitamin D2 is found in foods and inexpensive supplemental multivitamin formulas. However, vitamin D3 is many times more potent.

Who May Benefit from Vitamin D Injections?

People with darker skin and undergoing kidney dialysis are at increased risk for vitamin D deficiency. It is easy to think that your vitamin D levels are good because you eat foods rich in vitamin D. However, most people are not getting 100% of their daily vitamin D requirements. If you have a higher body mass, it is challenging to absorb the amount of vitamin D needed. Vitamin D can benefit you if you want to fight infection, strengthen your bones, and prevent heart disease. Vitamin D has been shown to benefit pre-diabetics, improve cognitive decline, and help with pelvic floor disorders.

Vitamin D Shots Versus Oral Supplements

The NIH performed a study comparing and contrasting vitamin D injections versus vitamin D supplements taken orally. The study showed that oral consumption and injections are a great way to deliver vitamin D to the body. However, injections proved to be more effective than taking a pill. There are several reasons for that. First, many people who start to take oral vitamin D supplements don’t stick to it. Within short order, they stop taking doses.

Eventually, they get to the point where they are not taking the supplement. With injections, people are put on a schedule that they stick to. They quickly find that getting a vitamin D shot does not need to be time-consuming. It only takes a minute when trained professionals administer the shot. Contrary to popular belief, getting a vitamin D shot doesn’t hurt. When you get a vitamin D injection, it is really quick and only stings a little. However, the results last for a very long time. Do you feel like you are not getting enough vitamin D? Would you like to learn more about IV therapy? If so, contact us today at 205-352-9141.

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