What Is in Vitamin C IV Therapy?

What Is in Vitamin C IV Therapy?

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Vitamin C is a major component of your healthy diet; however, the body does not produce it independently. It plays vital roles in your body, including:

• Preventing cells damage
• Healing wounds
• Producing neurotransmitters
• Building collagen
Ensure you include the following foods in your diet because they contain vitamin C.
• Oranges
• Green and red bell peppers
• Oranges
• Strawberries
• Citrus fruits and juice
• Broccoli
• Brussels sprouts

You can also take dietary supplements that have vitamin C. They exist in the following forms.
• Chewable tablets
• Oral tablets
• Extended-release capsules
• Extended-release capsules

Unfortunately, only a small amount gets absorbed after consuming foods rich in vitamin C. High dosages of vitamin C are not healthy since they cause GI (gastrointestinal) discomfort. Vitamin C IV therapy is the best way to take full advantage of the benefits of the nutrients and combat the GI issues. Here we will explore the benefits of vitamin C IV therapy.

Has Anti-Cancer Properties

Vitamin C can effectively assist chemotherapy treatments in many ways, including the following.

Fighting Cancer Cells

Apart from protecting your body, vitamin C fights cancer. Vitamin C also boosts your immunity system. If high amounts of vitamin C are administered intravenously, they will attack the cancer cells and leave your healthy cells and tissue unharmed.

Minimizing Toxicity Amounts in Your Body

Chemotherapy utilizes powerful medications to attack cancerous cells. Unfortunately, the drugs used may affect healthy and normal cells leading to side effects such as nausea, fatigue, digestive issues, trouble eating, hair loss, and much more. On the other hand, vitamin C minimizes your body’s toxicity level such that it can tolerate high levels of chemo dosages. Vitamin C enables chemo drugs to attack the cancerous cells and at the same time protects the other parts of the body from getting affected by these drugs.

Production of Collagen

If there is an essential nutrient that maintains collagen in your body, it is vitamin C. Collagen refers to the structural protein located in the connective tissues. Collagen makes a third of all the proteins found in your body. Collagen is responsible for healthy teeth, bones, skin, tendons, cartilage, heart valves, blood vessels, and much more. More importantly, it is essential for a healthy heart. Vitamin C IV therapy will help make sure that your collagen is in good shape and protects you from cardiovascular diseases.

Antioxidant Effects

Vitamin C is an effective antioxidant. Oxidation refers to your body’s normal chemical process. If you disrupt this process through alcohol consumption, stress, and smoking, you will cause unstable and harmful molecules to form in your body. These molecules, commonly referred to as free radicals, have high chances of harming your DNA. Damages to the DNA lead to health conditions such as cholesterol build-up and cancer. If you consume high dosages of vitamin C, you will prevent oxidation from taking place. This will stop the formation of free radicals, which damage your body.

Antihistamine Effects

Suppose you are suffering from asthma attacks or spring season allergies. In that case, you can reduce the effects by getting vitamin C IV. Vitamin C has an antihistamine effect that reduces the overall responsiveness of the respiratory system. Vitamin C hunts free radicals in your body. Free radicals are the main contributor causing airway obstruction, especially in asthma patients. Increasing your vitamin C consumption via IV therapy will benefit you greatly by fighting asthma and allergies.

Immunity Support

Consumption of vitamin C is a proven way of combating flu and cold. Vitamin C is among the best body’s antiviral agents regardless of the mode of consumption. It achieves this by boosting your immune system such that the virus, bacteria, and fungi get neutralized. Considering that a high intake of vitamin C orally will lead to gastrointestinal discomfort, it is advisable to consider IV therapy. Vitamin C IV therapy promotes the intake of high dosages without any side effects since the vitamins go directly to the bloodstream.


Finally, vitamin C IV therapy has so many benefits, including boosting immunity, minimizing toxicity in the body, and so much more. You cannot consume high levels of vitamin C orally since it has some effects on your stomach. That is why we are here to offer vitamin C IV therapy to the residents of Birmingham. Please contact us today at 205-352-9141 or schedule an appointment with us if you need vitamin C IV therapy.

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