Is Being Tired All the Time Caused by Low Thyroid?

Is Being Tired All the Time Caused by Low Thyroid?

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Chronic fatigue can have a variety of causes. For some people, this issue simply means that they aren’t getting enough quality sleep. For others, unmanaged stress and other lifestyle-related factors have created chemical imbalances that are affecting their vitality and health. More commonly, however, excessive fatigue is the result of a low-performing thyroid. Poor thyroid health can be incredibly disruptive and equally difficult to detect. Although conventional doctors can certainly perform thyroid tests to identify hypothyroidism and other thyroid-related issues, these tests may not consider all of the possible markers for thyroid disease. The good news is that chiropractic doctors often take a far more comprehensive approach to exploring the possibility of these issues. They consider all life habits and perform a greater range of diagnostic tests. If your fatigue is connected to hypothyroidism, working with a chiropractor may be the best way to both identify the source of your troubles, and resolve it.

Although chiropractic care is largely associated with the treatment and correction of musculoskeletal issues such as whiplash, spinal misalignment, scoliosis, and carpal tunnel syndrome, integrative chiropractic clinics diagnose and treat a very diverse range of issues. These offices take a whole-health approach to helping people achieve wellness, reduce discomfort, and improve their life-qualities. With hypothyroidism, finding safe, effective, and fast-acting solutions can be absolutely life-changing. By taking the right supplements and adopting the right habits, you’ll have more energy to enjoy your loved ones, and a better ability to stay on top of your personal and career-related responsibilities.

What Hypothyroidism Is and How It Can Affect Your Energy

Hypothyroidism is a condition in which the thyroid is chronically under-performing. As a result, the metabolism slows down and energy levels dramatically decline. The energy that people expect to obtain by consuming nutrient-dense foods is slower than usual to manifest. Conventional doctors often treat this issue with medications that speed the performance of the thyroid up. When these treatments are effective, energy levels increase, and an increased sense of well-being is often achieved.

One way in which chiropractors differ from conventional doctors in the treatment of hypothyroidism is that they actually consider the possible causes of this disease. With medication for speeding thyroid performance up, people are often only treating the symptoms of the problem that’s causing their discomfort and their diminished health. Chiropractors attempt to determine why hypothyroidism has developed so that it can be mitigated at its source. With diligent testing and analysis, they may find that the root of this problem lies in food allergies or nutritional deficiencies. In these cases, taking simple steps like including more iodine-rich foods in the diet or eliminating gluten-containing foods can make a world of difference. In some instances, it is entirely possible to correct problems with an over-performing or under-performing thyroid by simply making the right lifestyle changes.

People with hypothyroidism often schedule appointments with chiropractors when their medications don’t work, or when they stop working after having taken them for long periods of time. Chiropractic care can be an excellent alternative to conventional medical treatment for this issue for anyone who’s not willing to risk the potential side effects that some thyroid medications entail. There are few things more frustrating than having hypothyroidism diagnosed and treated, only to continue experiencing the very same symptoms on an ongoing basis. Chiropractors can assess existing treatment plans to determine their efficacy. They can also supplement these plans or refine them to improve how well they work. People with chronically low levels of energy often suffer from depression, a pervasive sense of failure, and other forms of emotional angst. Failing to stay on top of things despite continued efforts to both feel better and do better can be incredibly disheartening.

The natural treatments offered in these environments are also ideal for anyone who’s uncomfortable taking medications for chronic illness over a prolonged period of time. Chiropractors are committed to helping their patients find safe, effective, and often entirely natural solutions to their health problems whenever possible. With their support, many people are able to limit their reliance upon prescription medications or even avoid these products entirely. If you’ve been suffering from chronically low levels of energy and think that your fatigue may be related to your thyroid, we can help. Call 205-352-9141 now to speak with our team or to schedule a consultation appointment.

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