What Might Surprise You About Bioidentical Hormone Production?

What Might Surprise You About Bioidentical Hormone Production?

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Hormones are ever-ubiquitous in our lives. When young, we experience hormonal challenges and think that we will outgrow the problems as we age.

But boy, how wrong can that be. As we grow older, our bodies produce less of certain hormones. And the effects?
• Reduced libido
• Weight gain
• Loss of muscle mass
• Reduced body energy
• Amnesia and insomnia
• Anxiety/nervousness
• And many more symptoms

Hormones play a significant role in our bodies. Any slight imbalance always leads to noticeable changes in the overall functioning of the body. But how can we combat this inevitable natural hormone deficiency that is never far away from us?

Most often, when people experience hormonal imbalances or deficiencies, they turn to hormone replacement therapies (HRT) to alleviate symptoms. And one of the therapies that has received amplified attention in recent years is bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT).

You might wonder what BHRT is. It’s using man-made hormones with a similar chemical structure to the natural hormones produced in your body. BHRT is used to treat both men and women whose hormones are out of balance.

<strong>Facts about bioidentical hormones</strong>
Having described what BHRT is, let’s see other facts that are worth noting regarding the production of this form of hormone therapy.

• Safety of BHRT
BHRT is generally safer and more effective than synthetic hormones. Many studies have established that BHRT results in fewer side effects, such as hot flashes and vaginal dryness synonymous with synthetic hormones. However, it is worth noting that no medicine or supplement that is 100 percent safe. Consider the advice of your doctor before using bioidentical hormones.

• Extraction and form
Bioidentical hormones are extracted from plants, such as yams or soy. The source of extraction is what leads to the therapy being referred to as natural, technically. The hormones have to undergo processing to become bioidentical.

After synthesis, the bioidentical hormones are made in the following forms.
• Capsule or tablets
• Lotions
• Creams
• Injections

Your doctor will prescribe the form that is best suited for you.

• Production and approval of bioidentical hormones
Did you know that a pharmacy can make bioidentical hormones? Yes, the pharmacy near you can make bioidentical hormones through a process called compounding. All they need is your doctor’s prescription for the ingredients required. Is this all about bioidentical hormone production?

No. Some bioidentical hormones are made by drug manufacturers. Of note is that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has officially approved some manufactured bioidentical hormones. However, the FDA has not approved the use of compounded hormones.

Does that mean they are not safe? Not entirely true. Your pharmacist can combine two or more ingredients approved by the FDA. This makes them as safe as the approved manufactured bioidentical hormones.

Surprisingly, compounded hormones are often advocated since they offer individualized treatment. However, before you use them, note the below:
• Your medical cover may not cover compounded hormones.
• No test of safety, dosage, or effectiveness is conducted on compounded hormones as they are mixed on order.
• Your clinician may test your saliva to find out your hormone level. However, many experts differ on the efficacy of testing saliva to test hormone levels.

The above doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use compounded bioidentical hormones. It implies some experimentation will be necessary to determine the optimal dosage. To be safe, use a clinician with long-standing experience in compounding.

How effective is BHRT?
Many studies conducted have revealed that synthetic hormones lead to diseases, such as cancer and heart disease. This finding has led to an augmented uptake of BHRT. But how effective is BHRT?

BHRT is prescribed to replicate hormones such as estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone. Research has shown that BHRT effectively alleviates symptoms caused by the deficiency of these hormones and minimal or no side effects.

BHRT works perfectly by mimicking the same effects produced by natural hormones in your body.

Bottom line

As we age, our bodies experience adverse effects such as depression, amnesia, exhaustion, and libido loss. Naturally, we blame it on old age. However, what we do not know is that these changes are caused by hormonal imbalance.

Fortunately, thanks to BHRT, you can enjoy your golden years without worrying about issues caused by hormonal instability. Talk to your doctor before using BHRT. Your doctor will periodically monitor your body’s response to the therapy alleviating any side effects in ample time.

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