Why is Cryotherapy Recommended as an Alternative Health Treatment Option?

Why is Cryotherapy Recommended as an Alternative Health Treatment Option?

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Cryotherapy, also referred to as cold therapy, uses cold temperatures in medicine to treat various conditions, including skin conditions, extraction of abnormal tissue growths like warts(cryosurgery), among others. This treatment method involves exposure to low temperatures for a set duration of time that will not be harmful to the body. The exposure can be localized, that is, to just one area of the body. This is achieved using ice packs, ice massages, ice baths, probes inserted into the affected tissues, and coolant sprays. Whole-body exposure is also used, when appropriate. It is a suitable method for patients seeking a holistic solution to their health problems without using pharmaceutical drugs.

Benefits of cryotherapy.

● Supports bone health

Cryotherapy would work to reduce chronic inflammation in the bone tissue. This would prevent the triggering of osteoclast activity in the bones, accelerating their breakdown, thus maintaining bones’ health.

● Reduces arthritic pain.

While cryotherapy may not be a cure for the ailment, it serves to reduce pain by reducing the rates of inflammation in the affected areas. The short and sudden exposure to cold would trigger endorphins, which would make the patients less sensitive to pain. This would then aid in physiotherapy and occupational therapy of the patients as it would make the rehabilitation experiences more bearable and effective. In the case of rheumatoid arthritis, which would be accompanied by bursitis, cryotherapy can be used to alleviate bursitis by injecting cold nitrogen into the affected area, for almost immediate relief.

● Reduces pain in muscles and joints.

Exposure to cold temperatures, mostly through ice packs for localized exposure, or sitting in a cold room for whole-body exposure work to reduce pain in muscles and hasten the repair of damaged ligaments and tendons, especially after the muscles are overworked during tedious exercises or activities.

● Works to numb nerve irritation.

Low temperatures are applied to the affected area using small probes that are inserted into the infected tissue. This serves as a treatment for acute injuries and chronic pain; and treatment for pinched nerves or neuromas.

● Alleviates mood disorders.

Exposure to low temperatures, mostly achieved through whole body cryotherapy, would bring about physiological hormone response which would trigger happy hormones(endorphins) and other hormones, such as adrenaline and noradrenaline. These hormones work to improve mood disorders like anxiety and stress by masking cortisol, which is a stress-inducing hormone. Cryotherapy, in this case, is a short term solution.

● Treatment of low-risk tumors.

Cancer cells are surrounded by ice crystals to freeze them until all the cancer cells die. This method is used to combat low-risk cancers, like prostate cancer.

● Reduces migraines.

Low temperatures are applied to the neck area using ice packs, ice baths, or compression wraps to vasoconstrict the blood vessels making them less sensitive to light and pain. The blood passing through the carotid arteries into the intracranial vessels is also cooled, reducing migraine symptoms.

● Prevention of Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Cold temperatures have anti-inflammatory effects and antioxidative effects that would work to combat the inflammatory and oxidative effects of Alzheimer’s. This would, therefore, reduce the chances of it occurring.

● Skin conditions and aesthetics.

Low temperatures have been used to lessen the effects of eczema. They also increase collagen production to make the skin appear more youthful. Cold temperatures also serve to detoxify the skin and aid in its replenishment with nutrients. There is support in cellular regeneration to delay the formation and to deepening of wrinkles.

● Weight loss

Cryotherapy increases blood circulation, which in turn increases the metabolic rate. This reduces the f fat deposits rate in the body in unnecessary areas like the face and helps skin tightening to prevent aging. It also helps in burning stored fat in the adipose tissue, thus reducing weight loss.


Though cryotherapy is still a method whose effects and benefits are still under scientific study, it is evident that it is an efficient and effective treatment method for patients seeking a holistic rather than pharmaceutical approach to their health problems. It is therefore highly recommended that you reach out to us to get these services. Ready to get started, Call us today at (205) 352-9141.

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