Is IV Hydration & Vitamin Treatment Right For Me?

Is IV Hydration & Vitamin Treatment Right For Me?

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Drip bars–standalone IV infusion storefronts–are a recent wellness trend that has continued to gain momentum. IV infusion bars administer vitamins and other supplements intravenously to customers to elect to have the service. Getting an elective IV drip may seem like an extreme method for otherwise healthy people to take in nutrients. Nevertheless, there are advantages to intravenous administration and to the supplements IV infusion clinics offer. The following guide will help you decide whether an IV hydration and vitamin infusion may be right for you.

Why IV Administration?

Most people take in their nutrients by eating food, consuming nutritious beverages, or taking pills or capsules. When consumed through these sources, the nutrients pass through the digestive system before entering the bloodstream. Intravenous administration is a faster, more efficient delivery mechanism that deposits nutrients directly into the bloodstream. When supplements are distributed directly into the blood vessel, the nutrients do not break down as they do in the digestive system, and there is no wait time for them to begin their work at improving the body and mind.

How Do IV Infusions Remedy Hangover Symptoms?

Alcohol has diuretic properties which eliminate salt and water from the body. When a person has hangover symptoms, typically one day after consuming alcohol, the physical discomfort is partly the result of dehydration. IV infusions that are marketed as hangover remedies include at least one electrolyte, most often in the form of sodium chloride or table salt. Many hangover remedy formulas also include other wellness-enhancing supplements that treat nausea, inflammation, and fatigue.

IV Infusions for Improved Energy

If you have a busy schedule, are recovering from illness, or are otherwise looking to boost your energy level, an IV drip may help. Energy-boosting formulas include vitamins like B-12, which converts food to energy the body can use. Taurine, potassium, and magnesium are other supplements that commonly appear on the ingredients list for energy-focused formulas. Depending on the underlying cause of your lack of energy, your drip bar may recommend a different combination of supplements to remedy the problem at its source.

Anti-Aging IV Therapy

IV drip therapy has joined the ranks of a multitude of other anti-aging treatments. If you are looking to boost your vitality or rejuvenate your appearance, your drip bar may have the solution. Anti-aging drips often include antioxidants like Vitamins C and E, biotin, which supports the skin, nails, and hair, and B vitamins, which support energy production, mental wellness, and many other bodily functions.

Immunity-Boosting IV Drips

People who tout the benefits of drip bar therapies often claim IV therapy can alleviate symptoms of illness and strengthen the immune system. Vitamin C is a common ingredient in immunity-boosting treatments. Zinc, B Vitamins, amino acids, and other trace minerals may be included in these formulas.

Other Conditions Remedied by IV Therapy

Drip bars are not intended to be a substitute for the supervised care of a licensed medical professional who knows your individual health needs. Nevertheless, some people report positive effects on symptoms associated with illnesses and ailments. Formulas that contain magnesium and calcium or certain amino acids may positively affect cardiovascular health in certain people by relaxing constricted blood vessels. Others have reported improvement in symptoms associated with:

  • Cold and flu
  • Digestive conditions
  • Psoriasis
  • Migraines
  • Anemia
  • Arthritis

Deciding Which IV Drip Is Right for You

If you are new to drip bar products, the number of options available can seem overwhelming. Consult your doctor to determine whether infusion therapy may be a safe option for you. Then be very discerning when choosing a drip bar. Inquire about the different formulas available. You may even find that some drip bars offer customizable formulas. Be sure to choose a drip bar that exhibits professionalism, follows the recommended safety procedures, and employs credentialed practitioners. Ask questions to verify whether the facility is prepared to provide support in the event of a medical emergency. Doing thorough research will ease your concerns and lead you in the direction of the drip bar that is most likely to provide a satisfactory experience. Call us today at 205-352-9141.

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