PlaqueX–The First Ever Oral Anticoagulant That Works By Targeted Inhibition Of Thrombin

PlaqueX–The First Ever Oral Anticoagulant That Works By Targeted Inhibition Of Thrombin

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Diseases of major systemic components such as the heart, blood vessels, liver, and kidneys can be life-limiting and sometimes fatal. Fortunately, a medical process known as PlaqueX infusion might eliminate or lessen the severity of certain conditions impacting these vital organs.


Plaque is a substance collecting inside arterial walls. This material is comprised of primarily cholesterol. That said, the potentially harmful accumulations might contain other products such as calcium, various systemic waste materials, and a substance called fibrin. Fibrin enables blood to clot properly.

Eventually, plaque accumulates inside everyone’s arteries to at least a small extent. However, in certain individuals, the problem grows significant enough to block arteries and result in serious, possibly life-threatening ailments like heart attacks, strokes, organ damage, and peripheral artery disease.

Individuals standing at greater risk for such health maladies often possess a family history of heart or cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, consume a diet of foods containing excessive amounts of fat, salt, or preservatives, smoke cigarettes, and experience elevated stress levels.

PlaqueX Overview

PlaqueX is a medication containing an important chemical called polyunsaturated phosphatidylcholine, which is often abbreviated as PC. This substance is found in all the body’s cell membranes, which protect cells and plays a key role in transporting materials like cholesterol throughout the body.

However, as people age, become exposed to disease processes, or engage in detrimental lifestyle habits, cell membranes gradually break down. In addition, the aforementioned issues lessen the body’s ability to produce the concentrations of PC needed to fix the resulting damage.

How PlaqueX Works?

Researchers and healthcare providers maintain that the therapeutic protocol strengthens cell membranes and increases the body’s capacity to repair these structures. As healing progresses, collections of arterial plaque decrease resulting in faster and more efficient blood flow.

Illnesses PlaqueX Is Used To Treat

Healthcare providers primarily employ PlaqueX therapy to treat atherosclerosis, which is the official medical terminology for the collection of plaque inside arterial walls. Aside from treating blocked arteries in and around the heart, the medication has also been prescribed to address said issues in other major organs like the liver and kidneys.

The procedure has also been used to improve oxygen and blood flow to aging or damaged skin and to promote better nutrient absorption in subjects stricken with various vitamin or mineral deficiencies.

Health Assessment

Before being given a dosage of PlaqueX, recipients undergo a full physical examination. The investigating healthcare provider will assess if the patient is a suitable candidate for the therapy, review the medications they take, and draw blood samples to determine organ function and identify an underlying illness’s process.


Medical professionals dispense PlaqueX intravenously. The process typically takes about 90 minutes to complete and is most often executed inside a wellness clinic or medical facility.

The Need For Maintenance Therapy

Usually, numerous treatments of PlaqueX therapy must be administered for it to reach optimal effectiveness. The specific number of times one must undergo the procedure will depend on the condition the therapy is being employed to remediate.

When initiated to treat atherosclerosis, anywhere from 20 to 40 follow-up treatments should be scheduled. In the presence of advanced heart disease, 45 or more sessions are often indicated. When used as a preventative measure or employed to address less dangerous ailments to serve aesthetic benefits, 10 to 12 treatments should suffice.

Important Considerations

PlaqueX is a supportive therapy. This means that treatment is designed to help ease conditions like atherosclerosis but does not necessarily eliminate its specific underlying causes. Therefore, doctors often recommend using the therapeutic effort in conjunction with other health-maintenance endeavors such as:

  • Eating a balanced and nutritious diet rife with natural foods
  • Augmenting one’s diet with nutritional supplements
  • Staying properly hydrated
  • Limiting or eliminating detrimental vices like cigarette smoking
  • Maintaining normal blood pressure
  • Exercising
  • Regulating stress

Above all, PlaqueX recipients are firmly urged to see their doctor to undergo regular checkups.

Possible Side Effects

Typically, the procedure is safe. When side effects do occur, they are usually mild and short-lived and include diarrhea, soreness at the injection site, and fatigue.

Contacting Us

Those believing they might be good candidates for PlaqueX therapy are encouraged to contact us. The team of experienced healthcare providers working for Vital Force Therapy and Wellness can provide a comprehensive evaluation, determine your need, and formulate a plan best fitting a patient’s individual needs.

For additional information about our clinic, please call 205-352-9141.

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