When is IV therapy used?

When is IV therapy used?

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When someone hears the term IV therapy, they usually associate it with the infusion of medications into the body. We have all seen the visions of someone lying in a hospital bed with IV equipment stuck in some part of their body, drip drip drip. It can actually be an unsettling sight. Things have changed a great deal in the last 20 or 30 years.

While IV therapy still has its root in medical treatment, the use of IV therapy has been overhauled to mean so much more. A lot of people are using IV therapy as a way of improving their quality of life through nutrition and health supplements. There are in fact two reasons people are taking to the concept of IV therapy to improve one’s overall wellbeing and health. First, it’s something they can actually do at home with the right equipment and training. The convenience factor is a big deal because so many Americans are having issues with nutrition and health.

They don’t like taking pills and prefer remedies that are fast, efficient, and effective. Since IV therapy allows them to infuse nutrients directly into their bodies, it checks all the boxes of what people seem to prefer today. The second reason so many people are taking to this concept is that it works. By putting nutrients directly into the bloodstream, the body is able to start immediately absorbing the infused nutrients. The efficiency of this process is unrivaled. By bypassing the stomach with oral vitamins or nutrients, the individual isn’t faced with losing a part of the available nutritional value that gets lost during digestion. As for why people choose to undergo IV therapy, the reasons vary from one person to the next. Sometimes, they are trying to manage a legitimate medical condition. For other people, it’s simply a way to improve their overall health through better nutrition. In the section below, we will delve into some of the times we use IV therapy outside of the medical realm.

When is IV Therapy Used

In this section, we would be remiss to not mention medical uses for IV therapy. While it is not something we focus on in our clinic, it is still important you know how IV therapy is used by the medical community. Here are just of few of the circumstances in which IV therapy is used:

  • Blood plasma and platelet transfusions
  • To administer medication when oral medication is not feasible
  • Patient needs high, predictable level of medication within the circulation quickly
  • To help control medication doses
  • To avoid medication destruction by acids in the stomach
  • Quick replacement of Fluids or electrolytes for the body

In our clinic, we focus more on the holistic uses of IV therapy. Why is that? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Americans don’t do a very job of managing their health in terms of exercise and nutrition. It probably has something to do with the high-stress levels and busy lifestyles that so many Americans have to manage. For that reason, we provide IV therapy services that deliver the vitamins and nutrients that people directly into their bodies. With that in mind, here are some times when we recommend IV services for our patients:

  • When patients are having difficulty with their sex drive or sexual function
  • When patients report they are having problems sleeping
  • To hydrate and replenish the patients body after an intense workout
  • When patients report they are having issues with their energy levels
  • When patients are having issues with their hair or nails due to nutrition issues
  • To help patients who are having issues with their immune systems
  • To help patients get the proper nutrition during periods of fasting

Please keep in mind, this is but a small selection of the times and reasons we will administer IV nutrition to our patients. If you find yourself lethargic and dragging through life, there is a good chance you are not eating properly or getting enough exercise. If you aren’t eating properly, your body is not getting the vitamins and nutrients it needs to function at optimal levels. That is something we can help you with in the form of IV therapy. If you would like to schedule an appointment for an assessment, please feel free to call one of our staff members at 205-352-9141.

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