What Can You Expect from Hormone Replacement Therapy in Men?

What Can You Expect from Hormone Replacement Therapy in Men?

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As your body starts to decline naturally with age, you begin to experience hormone deficiencies and imbalances over time. In men, these unfortunate changes more commonly can take the form of a male menopause called andropause, low testosterone levels known as hypogonadism, and disorders of the thyroid, growth hormones, and adrenaline glands. The good news is that men do not have to shrug their shoulders and accept these effects of aging. Any man suffering from lower levels of testosterone can expect to benefit from hormone replacement therapy.

Side Effects of Low Testosterone Levels

Men who are the most in need of this treatment will often suffer from the ill effects of hypogonadism. The testicles’ dysfunction will keep the body from creating the proper level of testosterone. Low levels of testosterone can cause many negative side effects including the following:

  • Trouble with sleeping causing poor quality of sleep
  • Low energy levels and becoming fatigued easily
  • Diminished muscle mass causing bad body composition
  • Obesity and more body fat
  • Lowered sexual desire, quality, and activity

Any man who is over the age of thirty will probably start to experience the effects of a hormonal imbalance or lower hormone levels, even if he is otherwise healthy. If you are feeling like this, then now is the time to look into getting hormone replacement therapy to fight the negative effects caused by aging.

What to Expect in the Procedure

Once you have made the decision to learn more about how hormone replacement therapy can benefit you, you will go through a series of appointments at a treatment facility. The first appointment will likely be with a nurse practitioner. He or she will put you through a full blood panel work up in order to check your hormones, liver enzymes, thyroid, and general metabolic functions.

The center will then develop a personal plan of treatment that is specifically tailored to your body’s needs. You would next be contacted by the patient coordinator who would arrange for a follow up appointment. In this second appointment, you would go through the Hormone Replacement Therapy care plan together.

In subsequent appointments, you will receive the treatments so that you can start to feel healthier, younger, and better again. In essence, you can expect to have the vitality and health of your “old self” back again once the treatments have begun to re-balance your hormones.

Means of Receiving the Hormone Replacement Therapy

In order to receive the hormone replacement therapy treatments, you will have one of a few different choices of getting them. These three methods of delivery include the following:

  • Injections of intramuscular testosterone – where your doctor would inject the hormone directly into your buttock muscles at an appointment each two to three weeks
  • Application of topical testosterone gel – you would apply this gel to your arms, shoulders, or abdomen every day at home
  • Use of testosterone patches – you simply stick these to your buttocks, abdomen, arms, or back every day, taking special care to switch the sites of application each time

Results of Having the HRT Procedure

A great result from the hormone replacement therapy in men is that it can give you back the lost lean muscle mass, stamina, and energy that disappears gradually with aging. A comprehensive treatment will help you to properly synchronize your body’s system once again through realigning the correct testosterone levels. It will simultaneously regulate the production of estrogen and numerous other hormones in your body that fluctuate without the right amount of testosterone being present, creating the male health issues.

With the optimal hormone balance in your body, you should start to regain the lost advantages of your youth. This will enable you to improve your energy and libido levels, build lost lean muscle back up, lose excess weight, improve your all-around health, and feel much younger every day.

In Conclusion

It only takes a few medical facility visits to start enjoying the many benefits of hormone replacement therapy in men. You should not simply accept the consequences of aging without taking some simple steps to retain and regain the vigor of your lost youth. You can feel healthy, strong, and normal sexual desire again if you take action today. Regaining your old life begins with a phone call. When you are ready to get started with a personal appointment, we are here to help. Call us now at 205-352-9141.

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