Does IV Vitamin Drip Work?

Does IV Vitamin Drip Work?

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Are you looking to improve the health of your skin? Do you need to boost your immune system? Did you have a few too many drinks last night and need a quick cure for a hangover? If you are looking for any of these health benefits you may want to look into IV vitamin therapy. After an infusion of a choice vitamins and minerals, many have boasted an improvement in one or more of these and other health issues. Over the past few years, IV vitamin drips have become a trend because of their popularity and success. Where some people once cringed at the thought of needles, many are viewing Iv therapy as a must in their health and wellness routine.

Are The Claims Legitimate?

As with any health and wellness movement, IV therapy has been questioned as to whether or not it is a legitimate treatment. The believers will attest to IV therapy helping with everything from a hangover to jet lag and will even say it boosts your performance in the bedroom!

What Happens To Your Body During An IV Vitamin Drip?

While your body is receiving the vitamins from an IV drip the concentration of the vitamins is higher because when you take the vitamins orally they break down in your stomach and then your digestive tract. When you give your body the vitamins via IV 90% of the vitamins are absorbed by your body, if you take them by mouth only 50% is absorbed. Factors that have an effect on how quickly your body will naturally absorb vitamins include:

  • The age of the patient
  • How fast or slow the patient’s metabolism is
  • Genetics influence many health predictors
  • If the patient is a smoker or a drinker
  • How the vitamins and food that are digested by the patient are made
  • The patient’s body’s ability to achieve health and maintain it

What Type of Patient Would Benefit The Most From IV Therapy And Why?

There are many health issues that can benefit from the use of vitamin infusions. The Myers’ cocktail is one of the first vitamin drips that began usage in the ’70s and it has helped patients with problems such as:

  • mild to moderate asthma
  • patients suffering with migraines frequently
  • patients who have frequent sinus and respiratory infections
  • fibromyalgia patients
  • chronic pain and muscle spasms

Many other diseases such as hyperthyroid conditions and angina have shown that IV therapy may be a promising treatment to alleviate them. There are also a number of athletes who utilize IV therapy for immediate rehydration. Businessmen and women have been known to use IV therapy to revitalize their bodies and minds when they’re in the midst of a hangover and have places to be and people to meet. IV drips have also been said to offer up superb clarity to the skin. If you ask people who are proponents of IV therapy why they use the treatment, the most common answers will be for stress relief, purging toxins from the body, balancing hormones, ramping up the immune system, and improving the health of the skin (which can be affected by all these other issues).

What Type of Vitamins And/or Mineral Are Best For IV Therapy?

There’s really not a limitation to what vitamins and minerals can be used in and IV vitamin drip. The best for IV therapy, though, are minerals and vitamins that are not foreign to your body. The contents must be able to be measured for the purpose of being sure that the infusion given is not too much. The common vitamins in a drip are vitamins B and C, Calcium, and Magnesium. Some drips might also have amino acids as an ingredient. The amino acids in the body aid in building up protein. Most also contain some antioxidants. You can discuss with your doctor what nutrients your body may be missing and what you may benefit from.

Are There Any Risks Associated With IV Therapy?

Any time you have an IV put it in there a path straight into your bloodstream. This cuts past your body’s skin which is your defense line against bacteria. The chances of infection are low but it’s important that you are sure you are receiving your drip through a clinic that has licensed medical supervision. With anything that’s good, there’s a risk of getting too much and this includes IV therapy. If a body receives too much of a certain vitamin or a specific mineral there can be a greater chance of side effects. A person that has kidney disease shouldn’t receive high levels of potassium, this can lead to a serious heart problem that could end with a coronary event. You should ask your physician and/or specialist if there are any vitamins you should avoid and be sure you choose a clinic that has a licensed medical professional on board. The answer to whether or not IV drips are beneficial seems to be a matter of opinion at this point. Find a good clinic with medical staff and see a consultation. You can call Revive Therapy at 205-352-9141 to talk it over with their friendly and knowledgeable staff.

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