What Are Serious Signs You Need a Vitamin C Shot?

What Are Serious Signs You Need a Vitamin C Shot?

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Vitamin C is heralded as one of the most effective and safest nutrients. The benefits of maintaining a regular intake of vitamin C may include protection against cardiovascular disease, immune system deficiencies, eye disease, and prenatal health complications.

Vitamin C plays a vital role in several systems throughout the body, but the human body does not produce or store it. Therefore, experts recommend that women consume 75 mg of vitamin C daily; 90 mg for men.

Although obtaining the recommended daily allowance (RDA) of vitamin C is not difficult, many experts suggest that adults should take 500 mg of vitamin C supplements daily, as well as eat five servings of fruits, to achieve maximum health benefits. If your body is not getting enough vitamin C, symptoms will start showing within three months. But what exactly does vitamin C do in the body?

In general, signs that you may have a vitamin C deficiency include:

  • Weakened immune system
  • Wounds that heal slowly
  • Weight gain
  • Nosebleeds, bruising, and/or bleeding gums
  • Wrinkled, dry skin
  • Fatigue and moodiness
  • Vision loss
  • Scurvy

Vitamin C plays several roles in the immune system. If you have low levels of vitamin C, you may be at an elevated risk of getting sick and having a difficult recovery. Research indicates that vitamin C can help combat illnesses such as bladder infections and pneumonia. Vitamin C also has antioxidative properties – it helps shield your skin from free radicals that can deconstruct proteins, oils, and DNA in your body.

Your vitamin C levels deplete when you have an injury because your body uses it to generate collagen. Collagen is a type of protein that aids in the wound healing process. Vitamin C also supports the functioning of certain white blood cells that help combat and prevent infections. This vitamin helps keep blood vessels healthy and promotes blood clot formation when the skin is injured. The body uses vitamin C to create collagen, which plays a vital role in keeping your teeth and gums healthy.

There is some evidence suggesting that there is a link between high body fat and low levels of vitamin C. Experts believe that this vitamin contributes to the mechanisms in which your burns fat for energy. Limited available research suggests that there may be a link between low levels of vitamin C and mood. One study found that men with low levels of vitamin C were irritable and tired. A second study found that vitamin C supplements helped reenergize office workers.

Benefits of Vitamin C Shots

Vitamin supplements are often taken to maintain overall health or boost the immune system. Vitamin C shots are also often provided to help treat vitamin C deficiency. There are already so many supplements available in the market. What are the benefits of getting vitamin C shots?

First, vitamin C shots deliver the dose directly into the bloodstream. Oral supplements have to endure the lengthy digestion process before they are absorbed into the bloodstream. With vitamin C shots, your body can absorb the complete dose rather than the partial dose that made it through digestion.

Second, oral supplements are good for obtaining the RDA but may not be as effective for obtaining the suggested 500 mg dose. Vitamin C shots are available in an entire range of doses, including 500 mg concentrations and higher. This minimizes the number of oral supplements you would have to intake to reach the same concentration.

Third, it is no secret that it is difficult to adhere to a daily pill regimen. The benefits of vitamin C are maximized when it is regularly consumed. Recurring appointments for Vitamin C shots remove the need to remember to take pills while providing the full long-term health benefits of the vitamin.

Lastly, vitamin C shots can help you lose weight. Vitamin C promotes fat-burning in the body during exercise. Since shots are available in higher doses and have better absorption, they can provide a substantial boost to your body throughout your weight loss journey.

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