Is A Saline IV Thirst Quenching?

Is A Saline IV Thirst Quenching?

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Surprisingly, thirst is one of the very first signs of dehydration. You don’t have to wait for your lips, skin, hair, and nails to dry out before recognizing the need for more fluids. Any time that you feel thirsty, your body is essentially signaling its need for increased hydration. While guzzling a few bottles of water might seem like the ideal solution, getting hooked up to a saline IV is a much faster, more efficient, and far more effective way to resolve this problem. This is especially true for people who are experiencing dehydration as the result of excess alcohol consumption, food poisoning, the flu, or any other mild to moderate illness. In fact, receiving a saline IV can actually be the perfect way to expedite your return to good health after a long night of drinking. Commonly referred to as “the hangover cure”, saline IV htherapy alleviates stress on the liver, eliminates feelings of nausea, and effectively restores all lost electrolytes.

Not only can a saline IV quench your thirst when you’re dehydrated, but it will also do it far faster than any large quantities of water that you drink. Physically drinking water instantly hydrates the soft tissues throughout the mouth, thereby providing the sense that thirst has been slaked. In reality, however, the water that you drink can take several hours to be fully absorbed by the body, and only after it has reached the lower gastrointestinal tract. Conversely, rehydration with a saline IV is virtually instant. It’s also important to note that there are firm limits on how much water your body can absorb via the gastrointestinal tract at any given time. It is only possible for the body to absorb one liter of water each hour when rehydration is attempted by consuming water naturally. This isn’t the case with a saline IV. With intravenous hydration, the body can quickly receive and retain all of the needed water stores for achieving total restoration and an undeniable sense of refreshment.

Saline IV Therapy Is The Perfect Choice When Dealing With Nausea

When nausea is severe, the last thing that many people want to do is gulp down large quantities of water. This remains true even when these individuals are thirsty, and when they’re experiencing other more noticeable and far more advanced signs of dehydration. Whether a person has food poisoning or a severe hangover, attempting to drink too much plain water at any time can trigger vomiting. Worst of all, vomiting can significantly increase problems with dehydration.

Saline IV therapy bypasses the challenges of nausea given that patients don’t have to physically drink anything. It is also possible for hydration specialists to add helpful supplements to these drips for addressing any other issues that present. For example, anti-heartburn and anti-nausea medications can be applied so that the patient’s stomach is settled and his or her comfort levels are improved, even as proper hydration levels are restored. Anti-inflammatory agents are sometimes used to promote pain relieved and improved all-around wellness in those who need them. IV hydration with saline can additionally include minerals like magnesium, potassium, sodium, and calcium as part of a balanced electrolyte solution. This is actually the perfect way to address severe cases of dehydration given that far more than just water is lost when the body becomes dehydrated.

While it can take a full hour or more for the body to absorb just one liter of water via the lower gastrointestinal tract, a saline IV can slake a person’s thirst and restore normal hydration in as little as 20 minutes. Best of all, these services can be streamlined to perfectly meet the needs of individual clients, whether they’re suffering from hangovers, having a hard time getting over a seasonal flu, or experiencing other health issues that their bodies can’t seem to battle effectively on their own. Saline IV services also provide many other benefits. Once properly hydrated, many people find that they have far higher levels of energy, greater mental focus, and increased ability to handle their daily responsibilities. In most instances, patients find that their immune systems work better as well. Thus, the duration of minor illnesses can be significantly shortened with a saline IV. If you’re ready to achieve optimum levels of hydration and health, we can help. Call us now at 205-352-9141.

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