What Are Mineral Shots?

What Are Mineral Shots?

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Minerals are important nutrients that help the body execute key duties. However, in certain instances, it might grow deficient of these important chemicals. Luckily, a procedure known as a mineral shot might restore systemic concentrations to normal levels and prevent said subjects from experiencing any resulting negative outcomes.

Mineral Shot Overview

Mineral shots are injections containing crucial nutrients such as zinc, copper, selenium, chromium, and manganese.

Who Benefits From Them?

Mineral shots might benefit persons with or needing:

Mineral Deficiencies

Certain subjects are stricken with digestive diseases interfering with their body’s ability to properly absorb minerals. That said, many of the substances found in mineral shots are not overly abundant in food. Therefore, it is not terribly uncommon for people to eventually experience appreciable systemic deficits of such chemicals.

Supplemental Treatments

Individuals might be administered a mineral shot to supplement other treatment efforts. For example, the preparation is often given alongside therapeutics like vitamin injections.


Researchers have found that mineral shots may improve one’s personal aesthetics. For instance, said undertakings have enhanced skin tone, elasticity, and shine in numerous recipients.

Why Are Mineral Shots Better Than Oral Preparations?

Mineral shot administrators and proponents maintain that these treatment options are a better choice than oral mineral supplements because:

  • The body absorbs more of the chemicals in question when given intravenously
  • The minerals used are critical to countless important bodily functions
  • Injections are performed using safe and low dosages decreasing one’s chances for side effects
  • The shots prove effective in persons who cannot use oral supplements for whatever reason

Additionally, oral supplements must be taken on a more frequent basis to have any kind of positive effect.

Symptoms Of A Mineral Deficit

The specific physical and mental manifestations one experiences will greatly depend on the specific mineral their body lacks and how significant the under supply is. However, systemic mineral deficits often produce common symptoms such as:

  • Bloating
  • Gas
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Constipation
  • Abdominal cramping
  • Diminished appetite
  • Muscle aches
  • Fatigue

As these nutritional shortages progress, afflicted individuals might experience more serious problems including tingling and numbness in their extremities, heartbeat irregularities, a weakened immune system, cognitive struggles, and delayed development in young people.

Intended Benefits

Those receiving mineral shots could experience beneficial outcomes including:

Added Protection

Mineral injections can not only correct existing nutritional shortcomings but prevent such occurrences from taking place.

The Use Of Natural Ingredients

Mineral shots contain only natural ingredients. Such products are safer and often yield more favorable systemic benefits.

Better Digestion

Researchers have concluded that mineral injections may enhance the body’s capacity to digest sugars. This could result in one’s ability to maintain a healthier weight and enjoy a reduced risk of potentially serious metabolic illnesses like diabetes.

Increased Alertness

Scientific investigators suggest mineral injections improve one’s alertness levels. Furthermore, these nutritional infusions are thought to heighten the body’s reaction to external stimuli. This often results in the strengthening of the five senses.

Elevated Bodily Concentrations Of Copper

Mineral shots contain appreciable amounts of copper. The nutrient is critical to many systemic functions but is not abundant in many foods and its levels are depleted in a solid percentage of people.

The Administration Process

Prior to receiving a mineral injection, prospective recipients are urged to first undergo a thorough medical evaluation. Such efforts will determine if the shot is necessary and reveal the underlying reasons the intended recipient is experiencing mineral deficiencies.

Additionally, patients are implored to disclose all medications that they ingest to doctors or nutrient therapy practitioners. Mineral shots might interact with certain drugs.

The shots should be given by licensed nutrient therapy practitioners well-versed in preparing and administering such treatment. Such healthcare providers usually perform the task in a clinic or medical office observing all necessary health and safety protocols.

Reaching Out To Us

Individuals who have been diagnosed with a mineral deficit or believe that they might have such a malady are urged to contact us. The team of regenerative medicine specialists employed at Vital Force Therapy and Wellness has extensive experience performing various types of intravenous therapy.

To learn more about us, our team, and the many other services we perform, please call us at 205-352-9141.

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