Is a Postmenopausal Hormone Imbalance Treatable Without Estrogen?

Is a Postmenopausal Hormone Imbalance Treatable Without Estrogen?

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Hormonal balance plays a major role in helping you to feel your best. This especially holds true when it comes to your reproductive hormones. As a woman, you already know about the roller coaster ride that comes with your menstrual cycle for a major portion of your life. However, you may not be prepared for the effects of menopause on your overall well-being. When your progesterone and estrogen levels drop significantly, it can cause a host of symptoms, including:

  • Fatigue
  • Loss of sexual libido
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Night sweats
  • Hot flashes
  • Weight gain
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Depression

While you may rejoice in no longer having a menstrual cycle, the effects of menopause can have a dramatic impact on your life.

Can You Address Your Hormonal Imbalance without Estrogen?

You can attempt to address your menopause symptoms by taking a natural approach. There are various herbal supplements, such as Black Cohosh, that may reduce hot flashes and night sweats. Staying active, drinking plenty of water, and eating healthy foods are also beneficial. However, if your own efforts don’t bring you relief, hormone replacement therapy offers you a safe and effective solution.

Will Hormone Replacement Therapy Put You at Risk?

Studies have raised concerns about health risks involved with estrogen therapy, such as in increased chance of blood clots, heart attack, stroke, and breast cancer. Timing is crucial to reduce risks associated with estrogen therapy. Women are advised that the optimal time for treatment is between the ages of 50 and 59. Potential drawbacks associated with treatment are more likely to occur after the age of 60. Estrogen therapy or any type of hormone replacement therapy for women is not intended to be long-term. The main goal is to your body to restore balance. Five years or less is the recommended amount of time to be on hormone replacement therapy. Any risks associated with estrogen treatment are reduced once treatment is over. The benefits of treatment in your 50’s can give you optimal results.

Why Choose Hormone Replacement Therapy?

The effects of menopause can turn your life upside down, making you feel like you are not even yourself anymore. Fatigue can be so crushing that getting out of bed is a struggle. Insomnia can be to blame, especially when night sweats pull you from a sound sleep. Hot flashes can make you extremely uncomfortable. Unexplained weight gain can be frustrating, especially when you haven’t made any lifestyle changes. Your enjoyment in the bedroom can be affected as well when vaginal dryness and loss of drive get in the way. You just want your symptoms to go away. You’re tired of feeling miserable all the time. Hormone replacement therapy can help you to get your body back on track.

How Does Hormone Replacement Therapy Work?

The first step is to see a medical professional who focuses on hormone replacement options. You will begin with a thorough evaluation while your symptoms are reviewed. You will have blood work to check:

  • Your hormone levels
  • Your liver enzyme levels
  • Your thyroid
  • Your rate of metabolism

Once the results have been reviewed, Your personalized hormone replacement plan will be developed. You will be given a dosage and treatment schedule that suits you. Throughout your treatments, your progress will be closely monitored. Adjustments will be made as needed to improve your well-being.

Experience the Difference a Boost to Your Hormone Levels Can Make

Once your hormone replacement therapy plan is established, you will begin to reap the benefits. Enjoy quality sleep. Reduce night sweats and hot flashes. Experience an increase in energy levels. Your weight may begin to go down. Enjoy a sharper mind. Take back your life.

Find Out if Hormone Replacement Therapy is for You

The team at Revive Health and Wellness is here to help you combat the effects of menopause. It is time to meet with trained and experienced staff members to have your health evaluated. If low hormone levels brought on by menopause are to blame for your symptoms, hormone replacement therapy can restore your health. Do not let the change of life get the best of you. Take charge of your health. Call us at (205) 352-9141.

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