When Is IV Hydration a Safer Option Than Drinking?

When Is IV Hydration a Safer Option Than Drinking?

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When dehydration symptoms develop, such as fatigue, lethargy, dizziness, muscle cramps, and headaches, what do you generally do? Maybe you make some ginger ale or tea if you have an upset stomach. If you have been training hard, electrolyte drinks and oral rehydration salts can provide relief. You are also probably trying to drink lots of water to rehydrate.

Other than all those, have you at any time considered (IV) intravenous therapy? Having intravenous fluids may often provide more effective and quicker relief from dehydration than home treatments. This is because they introduce into your bloodstream a saline solution rich in beneficial minerals and vitamins directly. However, IV hydration over drinking water is an issue of individual preference. Here are cases where IV hydration is a safer choice than drinking water.

1. When in Need of Prompt Hydration

If you feel dry, you probably have a big glass of drinking water. You might feel a certain relief after a few sips; however, that does not signify that your body is well hydrated. If you take some water glasses after a night of drinking, don’t take it right away.

As water absorption occurs in your lower gastrointestinal tract, it might take some hours for your body to start gaining from rehydration. Some scientific studies have shown that it takes the human body up to 2 hours to absorb 500ml of the water we take.

This then implies that if you are 3 -4 liters dehydrated (which may undoubtedly occur at night without drinking), your body will require 6 – 7 hours to rehydrate by taking the water by mouth.

A significant benefit of IV hydration therapy is that the fluid fluids in the system hydrate the body immediately. Since these fluids enter the bloodstream directly, you will instantly increase the number of fluids, minerals, and vitamins in your body. This makes you feel much better faster!

2. When You Feel Nauseated

The worst thing about a hangover is undoubtedly nausea. Apart from your stomach aching, it is also challenging to control anything. Even if you haven’t been drinking until you throw up, you will likely hurl if you try to drink or eat something during the hangover.

The obvious answer to this situation is receiving IV fluids. Fluids administered intravenously pass entirely through the digestive system, and no leads to nausea. Additionally, to quickly calm your stomach, add heartburn and anti-nausea medications to the IV.

3. When You Require Electrolytes

If you are dehydrated, you need not only pure water but also an electrolyte solution. As much as you must replace water, it is essential also to replace minerals such as:
• Potassium
• Sodium
• Magnesium
• Calcium

Since you are likely too nauseous to eat or even drink a sports drink during your hangover, intravenous therapy is the acceptable way to have the electrolytes you need quickly. The intravenous hangover regimen you receive comprises saline as an electrolyte at the exact level your body requires, along with magnesium and potassium, making you feel better than taking water or food.

4. When Your Body Needs Certain Additives

When you get an infusion with us, you can get so much more than saline hydration. Some of the extremely beneficial substances added to the IV relieve nausea and headaches and make you feel better faster.

These include:
• Anti-inflammatory agents
• Anti-nausea medications
• Vitamins
• Essential minerals
• Antioxidants

These drugs, also called anti-emetics, are available only by prescription. Since you take them intravenously, there is no risk of vomiting the medication. They function quickly and usually do away with vomiting and nausea in not more than an hour, generally within 20 minutes.

Basically, an IV hangover is the fastest way to rehydrate and get back on vacation. If you’re short on time, rehydrate within an hour instead of 5 – 6.


Contact us to see IV hydration’s advantages in lowering symptoms of food poisoning, sports-related dehydration, hangover, and viral dehydration. Our IV services are quick, and in effect, also we can be at your home the same day.

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